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Short bloggy/rant ahead. Feel free to read and comment with your thoughts.

1. One Direction on iCarly. NO NO NO NO. What is the matter with the entertainment industry... You don't just take this amazing awesome British-Irish boy band and put them on a Nick show where they're going to get this probably squeaky clean image which is not them and I don't mind because I love their image the way it is right now. I love their dirty jokes (they're funny okay) and they're humor and their personalities and this is just gonna mess it up :(
2. And if it's true about Miranda kissing Harry in the episode, I am going to explode. Like, internal combustion. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.
3. Also, them being iCarly in general is gonna make them uber famous in the US. And yes I want them to be popular here but this will make them appeal to all the little teeny girls and all those "fans" who listen to WMYB and say they're "obsessed" with them. No, they're not. I'm sorry, but I have memorized so much about them, not just listened to their songs and thought they were cute. I am sounding totally hipster now, but don't you all agree, that we've worked sooo hard to be their biggest fans and once they're on iCarly, everyone is going to love them and think they're the biggest fans, when they won't even know that Niall's Irish. 
4. I feel so sad that Harry's sad about Caroline. But I also feel so happy because... well, she's in her 30s and we all knew it wouldn't last because he's almost 18 and he's in a boy band... I just hope he doesn't find some uber gorgeous girl his age now, because then it will be absolute war.
5. I'm just kinda really mad about this fandom right now. You know why? It's because I love the boys so much. If I didn't like them that much, I probably would be happy they were on iCarly. But no, it's never that simple in the world of being a devoted Directioner.

1. I think Free People has THE most amazing photo shoots ever. First Marloes and Darla, which was beyond gorgeous, and now Karlie's? I am in heaven, I want some of their clothes so bad right now! I'm also following them on Instagram and their posts make me jealous.
2. ONE TREE HILL IS CRAZY RIGHT NOW. Oh my gosh if you watched this week's episode... I am dying waiting for next week's... @buds-over-studs @curious-and-young
3. Existentialism makes me so mad. We're studying it (for like no reason) in AP Lit right now and as a Catholic, it's just very annoying and makes no sense to me. If you know what I'm talking about, let me know your thoughts as well.
4. I'm still in need of prom dress ideas! Please comment below or PM me if you see anything totally prom-worthy that would look good on a pale, short brunette like myself! haha :)
5. If anybody is a genius in the calculus area, please be my tudor. I am so confused right now, integrals and anti-differentials and derivatives... what does it all mean... 
6. @twobytwo Look I stole your shirt. Also, your carrot medal is being created now :)
7. Those @lebunnybleu loafers are calling my name... If you haven't checked out their site yet, you seriously should, all of their shoes are so drool-worthy <3
8. @diegolohve I tried to make a lovely Karlie set like you. But as always, I couldn't be as awesome as you!

LOVE YOU ALL. Thanks for reading, and if you read the whole thing, comment "life should be as easy as Nandos" x]]

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
xx Taylor
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