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it seems like i've become lazy with my posts recently... posting two sets from 2014 and now this set that you may have seen here lol. i kinda like it a lot though and wanted to put it here too

so many people have uploaded to youtube these past few days. i cannot keep up with my sub box anymore! but honestly guys pj and pewdiepie collabs are bomb like idc much for pewdiepie's channel but i love him on pj's and marzia's channels so much. soo much content recently though, like i said, i can't deal! and it's sad because i'm really busy currently and i don't have time to watch everything lol :(

i really don't have much else to say today... i did find this doctor who tag though which is pretty cool. i'm looking for cool tags so i might do a bit of a search later on :) or make my own. i've been working on one but i want it to be really great and it's not finished yet. it should have been in this description but i want it to be longer lol. anywho, here is the lil doctor who tag i found!

Classic Who or New Who? new who
Nine or Ten? nine
Ten or Eleven? eleven
Eleven or Twelve? eleven
Donna or Rose? ooh... donna
Rose or Martha? agh maybe rose?
Rose or Sarah Jane? rose
Mickey or K-9? mickey
K-9 or Handles? handles
Jelly Babies or Fish Fingers & Custard? jelly babies
Tardis or Vortex Manipulator? tardis
River Song or Amy Pond? amy pond
Amy or Clara? too hard! not sure
Amy and Eleven or Clara and Eleven? this is really hard too, but i might say clara and eleven
Rory or Mickey? rory
River or Jack? jack!!
Daleks or Cybermen? cybermen
Cybermen or Zygons? zygons lol
Zygons or Atraxi? zygons
Tenrose or R11ver? r11ver
Silurians or Silence? i love the silence
Sonic screwdriver or Sonic probe? sonic screwdriver
Amy+Rory or Rose+Tentwo? amy and rory
The Master or The Intelligence? the master

that was short and sweet but i liked it! i actually have another doctor who tag on my phone from ages ago and in my notes, i've attempted to fill it out like three times lol. i might finally finish that one and do it tomorrow, maybe. but for this one, i tag any @whovians!

comment "apollo" if you read all of this!

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