Okay, so this is like the worst thing ever! Not the set, but the one shot. I wrote it way too fast. Ugh, oh well though! Please comment if you think it was okay :)
Ding-dong! The door bell rings, echoing in the empty beach house. I sigh as I figure it's just paparazzi again, wanting to invade the personal life of Louis and I. Although, Louis isn't even home. He hasn't been since leaving for tour 4 months ago. I was invited to go but my job wouldn't allow that much leave. So I had to stay home all alone while Louis was halfway around the world, performing for millions of fans, doing what he loves to do with his four best friends. Of course he's called and he's texted me, but that isn't enough. Ding-dong! The door bell chimes again, breaking me from my thoughts. "Go away!" I yell, not wanting to deal with them at the moment, they'll just make some bizarre lie up anyways. Lately, I have been caught up in lots of wishing for Louis to come home soon. I tend to look at the pictures around the house of us tooken at the beach, yearning for his love. Even though the tour doesn't end for another 2 months, I always find myself hoping for him to come home but then realize, that's not going to happen. Then I start to worry about if he met another girl, or he's realized I'm not the one for him. Ding-dong! The door bells sounds for the third, and final time. I get up from the living room couch and storm over to the door. Wanting to slap which ever magazine photographer is here this time, I swing open the heavy wooden door. To my surprise, I'm not faced with a slimey shallow person looking to make my life miserable, but a smiling goofball wearing his signature striped shirt and red pants, holding roses in his hands. "Louis!" I scream as I jump into his arms, sending the flowers to the ground. He twirls me around and then sets me down, still hugging me. "I was wondering when you were going to answer the door." he laughs, making me giggle. I pull away, smiling up at him as I'm at a lose for words. "Here, let's go for a walk." Louis says, grabbing my hand as we walk down to the beach. "Please do tell me what you're doing home!" I say as we reach the soft sand. "Well the show sheduled for this weekend was canceld due to a over selling of tickets, so we have the weekend off. I'll have to leave tonight." he says, picking up a stick as we walk down the white beach. That causes me to get a little sad, knowing he's not going to be home for long. The sky is getting darker and it looks as if it's going to storm. We talk, laugh and catch up until we get the pier. I also pick up a stick, and we start drawing in the sand. "Woah, what's that?" Louis exclaims, pointing up at the sky. I turn to see what he's talking about. After a minute of searching the gray sky, I turn back to him. "I don't see anyth-" I say before what I see sends me silent. 'Will you marry me?' is written in the sand next to Louis who is on his knee with a small black box in his hand. I cover my mouth in shock, feeling me eyes starting to swell up. "Well, will you?" he asks smiling. I nod my head fast before running to kiss him.

Hope you enjoyed even though it sucked!
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