--Four(!!!!! <3), Divergent

Okay, so I recently finished Divergent and Insurgent. When I was given Divergent, I thought I was ready for whatever everyone was fangirling about and for the feels that were in it…but I was wrong…there’s really nothing to prepare you for the feels…


But seriously, there should be a warning on a page before the first chapter saying: 
Warning: This book contains many, many feels. Good luck. Try not to die.

I’m going to try not to spoil anything for anyone who hasn’t read the series yet so if you wanna talk about it, message me or comment so we can fangirl over the series and cry and scream and stuff. Because I know I hate it when someone spoils something for me and that person gets -__- the whole day or week depending on how big a spoil it is. @luxecouture is the one who got me to read them so you can fangirl with her too if you want!! :)))

Okay, so Divergent starts out like every other dystopia book, but then it gets very interesting as you keep reading and see when Beatrice Prior aka Tris chooses Dauntless (which is why the outfit has a lack of color. Dauntless wear black ;D) instead of staying in her own faction, Abnegation. So then when going to the Dauntless Headquarters to start initiation, she meets her instructor named Four, who is so so so so so so HOT AND PERFECT, and throughout the book, they become romantically involved (YAY!!!). This really isn’t a surprise to anyone because I mean, why wouldn’t you want to date Four?

Anyways, Tris. I like Tris and I love how well her character develops throughout the series, especially in Divergent. She gets tougher and hardcore and she just turns plain awesome. However, there are times when she is deemed as ObliviousTris (or ObliviTris as I like to say) and StupidTris or DumbTris. It’s whenever she does or says something that makes you want to either yell at her, slap her, faceplam yourself or do all three. Though she’s more oblivious in Divergent than in Insurgent because of Four. And in Insurgent, sometimes I agree with her decisions and thoughts but mostly I side with Four.

So Four…
He’s basically the best fictional (WHYYY CAN’T HE BE REALLLL) male character ever!!!! He literally is the hotness <3. He definitely takes 1st place in fictional boyfriends, following Ian/Jared (currently conflicted about Ian and Jared because when I read The Host in 8th grade, I was still in Twilight phase and I was basically Team Edward of course so I went with the guy who wasn’t the first main male character so I sided with Ian. So now I have to reread it before the movie to see if I still love Ian or switch to Jared. I mean, I love Jared but Ian has that special place in my heart… #i’minlovetriangle), Finnick, Peeta, and Jace. Yeah, he’s tough and harsh but that’s what makes him hot. Plus whenever he’s vulnerable…just ugh, he’s perfect. And as you can see, Four is portrayed as Max Irons. A number of people in the fandom believe Max Irons would make the perfect Four and I completely agree. Max Irons is also the hotness and he’s gorgeous and I can picture him doing all of Four’s facial expressions and talking like him. Basically, Max Irons is Four and it would be so awesome if he was casted as him but Max is already playing Jared in The Host (a very great decision picking him. He makes an incredible Jared!!) so my dreams are a bit crushed. But I can still hope! I really can’t see anyone else playing Four, especially Alex Pettyfer. Alex would make an awesome Eric but if he’s Four…oh that won’t be good. I would just crawl into a hole…

So I finished Insurgent yesterday. I stayed up until 2:30 AM reading it, which I didn’t mind at all. It was sooo intense!! But incredible!! AND THE END OF IT?!?!?! OMG IT LEFT ME JUST MINDBLOWN AND LIKE WHAAAAAAAAAAT! AND NOW I GOTTA WAIT 10 FREAKING MONTHS FOR THE THIRD ONE TO COME OUT AND JUST UGHHHHHHH! Insurgent just made me cry and scream and have way too many feels to where it’s just painful and all you can think about is Insurgent (and Four, especially him <3 <3 <3).
Veronica Roth did an absolutely amazing job writing these and I really can’t wait until the third book :))))

Hope I didn’t spoil anything!! So if anyone else is freaking out about this series, message or comment so we can cry and curl into the fetal position together because no one should fangirl alone!!! :)))) <3

Love ya’ll and everyone have a great day!! :))) <3 <3
-Cara :) <3

P.S. WALK THE MOON is perf!! I love their new EP and Anywayican is my favorite song!! :)))
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Wrote three years ago
I feel the feels. Gorgeous set!

Wrote 4 years ago
I FEEL YOUR PAIN. Roth should have warned us!

Wrote 4 years ago
well basically I agree with everything you said of course and since we've texted endlessly and will continue to text endlessly about Four and Divergent and Max and just everything, I don't know if I can say anything right now that means much because FEELS

Wrote 4 years ago
I can't even I just can't I just can't...
Perhaps a real comment will come soon when I can control my feels...


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