Well if you don't like me then it's your loss because I'm a damn good person

Madelyn Ascencio,22
Likes:Fresh flowers, Nail polish, Vodka, Boys,fashion,high heels,skirts,Patterns,Coffee
Dislikes:Put-downs,relationships,lying,wanna-be know it alls,Jealousy,Blueberries,Avocados
Occupation: Model
Place of stay: Los Angles
Hometown: Milan, Italy
Bio: A spitting image of her mother Mads grew up around fashion her mom was fashion designer and her dad a photographer and was always the center of her fathers portraits, of course she love the attention. Her parents never wanted her to be spoil and many people would call her parents "Hippies" but they are far from it, They take exotic family vacations and being a only child had it's advantages until her mom and dad decided to adopt which didn't really bother Madelyn because she doing her own thing. Growing up in Milan you had to be strong and when her family decided to move to L.A she knew she could handle what those American girls would throw at her and that made her a better model. She gained the nickname "Blond Bombshell" from many photographers that she had the chance to work with.
Relationship status:Single

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