"Have you tried knocking?" I asked impatiently pulling my sunglasses and tilting my head to the side looking over at Dean who was standing at the door looking frustrated.

"No i just spent 10 minutes tapping on the door because i liked the tune." Dean snorted rolling his eyes "Didn't you get a key or something?" He asked looking defeated "I am hungry and thirsty and sleepy." Dean complained "And this is all your fault. So i am mad at you Cohen. " He said nodding before looking at Spencer who was still in his car "And you." Dean started.

"The window is up Dean , He can't hear you." I said helpful , If i was going to have the closest thing i had to a bestfriend be mad at me , Spencer might as well get the same treatment. Dean looked over at me and back to the car and groaned.

"Perhaps you could try knocking?" I offered helpfully which earned a glare from Dean. I sighed "Maybe they are out." I said shrugging.

"No sh.t Sherlock." Dean said shaking his head before actually tapping on the window which Spencer rolled down looking at Dean curiously. "Not home?"

"No and you -" Dean said pointing "You fix whatever you have done to my friend. I want reasonable happy Cohen back!" he said running a hand through his head "Where are you even going to stay?" Dean said to no one.

I rolled my eyes at Dean's little break down , "Here." I replied "I thought about and i think Spencer could pass of as a girl." I said. Dean and Spencer both stared at me.


"Well i mean look if you ignore the stubble , I'll just say she has hormone issues. I think we could get away with it , we just say he , i mean she is a tomboy which explains the clothes and the hair." I began to explain.

"They wouldn't buy that you idiot."
"What is your excuse for my ?"

I rolled my eyes "Honestly i think i could sell this. I am a very good liar." I said nodding , I had years of experience from being the youngest (the only time i admit i was a few minutes later than Brody) but up until now i hadn't really used my 'talent' while at Brown. "And as long as you don't try to anyone we will be good."

"You turned her into an idiot." Dean said pointing accusingly at Spencer who just rolled his eyes "When she was in New York she was intelligent enough perhaps it Rhode Island, after all I've had the unfortunate opportunity to meet a few people from there."


"Well this is getting us nowhere." I said leaning against the car bonnet. I could hear the radio playing some Phoenix song from where i was standing.

"We can text the other girls." Dean suggested.

"They wouldn't care. They would be to busy at the beach." I said shaking my head. "I'll go see if the neighbor has a key or something." I said shrugging pushing myself up of the car. "Do you guys wanna come or are you happy playing the who ruined Aria game." I said putting my hand on my hip. "Which by the way is quite hurtful." I added.

Dean rolled his eyes "You know you deserve it right now."

"No , It is actually annoying because the way put it makes it sound like i have no say in what i do and that i am so easily influenced." I said letting out some of my anger at him out. He looked over at me slightly stunned. "I am going now." I said grabbing my phone out of the car. "Just incase the girls look at their phone's instead of boys." I said sarcastically doubting any of them would.

Spencer and Dean shared a look before Spencer followed "Figured you could use company in case it is some psychopath who lives next door."

"Yeah because you would be so much help you know with your skinny little bones and weak lungs." I said rolling my eyes but smiling a little. I was glad someone came with me to be honest , i am never good at meeting people especially people who i have no connection with whatsoever. 

"Okay just because i smoke doesn't mean i have cancer." Spencer commented. I shrugged "You are more at risk then me."

"You sound like a public health announcement." He said rolling his eyes at me. "And my sister which is what i ran away from." he said scrunching his face up. "And i thought you were all about people making there own decisions now?"

I sighed saying nothing, there was nothing to add , he had a point if i was telling him what he can and can't do i was going to be a hypocrite.

"So do you really think i could pass for a girl." Spencer asked with a cheeky grin.

"Yes. You are a prettier than almost all the girls i know." I said smirking over at him as we made our way upto the other house.

"Wow." I said looking into the house , It was one of those modern looking beach houses. It had a glass door which Spencer and I could look through , Simple white curtains which kept certain parts of the house out of our view. It was just nice.

"Hello?" the door opened revealing a blonde woman who looked maybe 5 years old than Spencer and myself. I sighed taking a deep breathe. "Hi , I am staying at Michelle's house." I began, she looked down at me with a blank look on her face. "Your neighbour." I said unsure of what to say.

"You look familiar." She said after a moment. "Have we met?"

"No, i doubt it. I just have one of those faces." I said with a fake smile. She shook her head "No, no i am sure i know you from somewhere." She said looking at my face. "Where are you from?"

"New York.... well i go to Brown but , i mean not from Rhode Island ,I just live - " I began to ramble. She looked at me as she pieced the puzzle together. "I know that ramble anywhere. You are Cohen , Your Aria right Leo's baby sister."

"That would be." I said looking over at she was a generic blonde haired , blue eyed kinda girl. The type you would see in tv shows as that pretty blonde girl. Nothing about her seemed familiar and she definitely wasn't an ex of Leo's , he would never date someone so classical pretty. Well except for Summer.

"I haven't seen you in forever." She said gushing as she opened the door wider to let Spencer and I in. "You have grown up so much." She said walking past us "Come in , I'll get you a drink."

"Do you know her?" Spencer whispered as she went into the what i assume was the living room. Everything about this house was so streamlined and modern , I silently hoped that Michelle's house wasn't like this. It reminded me of a stylish mental asylum.

I shook my head at Spencer "No but she knows me apparently." I whispered back. "So how is your brother the last i heard he was moving in with his girlfriend." The woman said , oh great we went into someone's house without even knowing her name. Isn't the first rule of stranger danger not to go into strange woman's houses.

"Yeah." I said nodding "Summer and Leo live together now. Uhm not seem rude or you know... rude. But who are you exactly?"

The woman laughed , not an evil manic laugh but a soft nice laugh "Oh my god right you haven't seen me since Leo and I graduated. Anna , Anna Vettel."

I nodded there was slightly recognition now. The name sounded familiar "So he finally got a girl. Good for him" She said grinning. "So you are staying at Michelle's? and is this your boyfriend , Laykn."

"Yes and you mean Liam and no this is Spencer.. we are friends." I said after a minute. Laykn what kind of dumb name is that.

"Oh you aren't one of those sorority girls are you?" Anna said looking over at me. Spencer snorted causing me to nudge him in his skinny , skinny ribs. "Yes i am. Is there a problem with that?"

"Oh no. For the first year i was in a sorority as well." She said standing up "But your a Cohen. Sororities seem a little too..." she started before frowning in thought "Mainstream? Like i thought it was a Cohen trait to be slightly pretentious and judgemental." 

"Oh she is both of them things." Spencer said under his breathe earning him another 'nudge.'

Anna looked over at him before smiling. "Let me get me your drinks and then you can tell me all about why you are at my house. You okay with a Lime Zing?" She asked. Spencer shrugged "Sure."

"Is it alcoholic?" I asked frowning , If she was who i thought she was , she would have been pretty close to Leo and thus would know why i wouldn't to drink.

"Course not, It red tea , lime and ice."

"Okay sure." I said with a smile. "Do you mind if i get my other friend. I feel kinda bad about leaving in the sun waiting." I said frowning , even though i was angry , no annoyed at Dean didn't mean Spencer i would be drinking fruity mocktails while he sweltered on his own.

"Sure." She said with a smile making her way to the kitchen.


"So this is my friend Dean." I said sipping on the Lime Zing. "We work on one of Brown's newspapers." I said as Anna looked at us curiously.

"And you are all on holiday together?"

"Kind of , Firstly it was me and my friends from Theta House , but Dean's family sucks and Spencer is just...."

"The ride. I had a car, they didn't." Spencer added. Anna looked amused "So why did you guys come over? Not that i am upset or anything , all i was doing was reading over a paper."

"Well, we can't get in the house." I said blushing in embarrassment "And none of our friends are in so we are kinda stuck." 

"And we were wondering if you have a fence we could climb." Dean said, the first thing he said since coming into Anna's house.

"Saddly if you did the alarm would go off." Anna said "But you guys can stay here until you friends get back , my brother and my fiancee should be back soon if you want to meet them."

"Oh um thanks." I said grinning."Sorry to bother you."

She laughed "It was nice to catch up with you and your boys Mini Cohen."
I grimaced. Mini Cohen.


"Did anyone else get major evil witch from Hansel and Gretel feel from her?" Dean asked as we walked back to Michelle's house. I shrugged "She was nice and she is friends with my brother."

"She was a little to nice Cohen."

I rolled my eyes "You are being awfully quiet." I said to Spencer. He shrugged "I am a quiet person." 

"Seriously no one thought she was a little weird"

"You would know all about weird right?" I said teasingly. Dean shrugged "Yeah but- "

"I think i might not stay with you guys." Spencer said cutting both Dean and I off.


"Where would you stay? At Anna's? That would be a little creepy." I said. "Oh now you agree." Dean exclaimed "But i have to agree with Cohen. You can't stay with Miss Creep."

"I won't." He said. "I just won't stay there either , Maybe i will go to a Motel or something."

"Well you should stay just for the night because who knows what roam Malibu at night."

"Yeah there could be evil tanned beach bums who slit you throat because you are to pale." Dena said "Not that you are pale."

Spencer and i both looked at Dean "Must be the non alcoholic drink speaking." He said before shaking his head "Honestly people who make mocktails obviously have a screw lose."

"Lets just go in." I said to both of them as we reached the house.
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