Wendy Darla

the modern day princess roleplay ♥
Wendy Darla (Wendy Darling)
Name: Wendy Darla
Age: 18
Bio: Wendy is the eldest child of an ordinary middle-class English family. Her parents are as diverse as love, her father, Mr. Darla is a man all of a piece with pride. He works in a bank, holds much to the good name of the family and respect for rules.
Her mother Mrs. Darla, however, is sweetness personified. She never left her three children, in fact runs her catering business from home, with the help of Nana, her assistant.
The family Darla is well liked by neighbors and also thanks to the works of charity which plays Wendy with her mother.
Personality: Wendy is a very polite and kind girl. She has a very good relationship with her parents, although in the past has sometimes clashed with her father. Loves to play with her brothers and recount their stories. Often work to the orphanage in London, as a volunteer, or participate in the canteen of the homeless with her mother, cooking. Often dreams with open eyes, but you never leave carry, is well aware of what its objectives. Attend the last year of high school in NYC and then enroll at university to study medicine and maybe specialize in pediatrics.
Likes: the London fog, Fish & Chips, vintage clothes, read stories, spend the evening at home.
Dislikes: selfishness, cruelty, the idea of having to leave his family and news.
Model: Emma Watson

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Wrote three years ago
What an amazing collection! Very creative!


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