Love somebody// maroon 5 

outfit inspired by @k-a-tie-is-crazy 
I liked the picture of the earrings in the top left so I used it. this is supposed to be gray and blue and purple!

I don't know how to say this because I feel like shit and I think I'm physically sick from doing so. I kissed the guy I met at the dance. like. a bunch. but he's genuine and he makes me laugh and he reminds me a lot of my bf. this is where it gets difficult though. I still cheated on him, basically. which means I screwed him over. but I feel like doing the dirty would be worse than just a kiss. this poor guy is like a douche but he's willing to change for me and he adores me like hell and he thinks I'm perfect. so when I say douche, I just mean, he's gotten around and dresses like one. but around me he's different. and I slept over too, cause he has his own apartment off campus and sigh. 

you can hate me because I hate myself too. I've never even thought of doing something like this. but if it feels so real with both, why am I so torn? lol like can't I just have both and they'd both know? sigh but no. I can't. 
I have to choose, and tell my bf. but I can't seem to get this other kid out of my head, and he's so close. and le bf is distant and we haven't talked and 8 hours away. 

I feel so sick. but I don't really feel like I cheated all the way either. It's hard to explain. 

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it's okay if you are totally against what I did. I am too. so don't worry about that.
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