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06/02/12- This looked like a fun template to fill in, I changed some of the things though as they are not things I care about very much. Instead of "singer" I used "vase" & instead of "song" I used "art". Here are the explanations then:
1. Color- Pink, it's soft n so am I (for the most part....) ;)
2. Animal- Cat. They seem proud and sometimes actually are, but that is only one side of them. They are also very loving and sweet, and I think that is how I am too :)
3. Shoe- A rainbow heel. I love rainbows because they are colorful and usually people just wear 1 color of heels so I like that they are unique but fun
4. Vase- A unique one that is beautiful and interesting.
5. Book character- Alice in Wonderland, cos she is curious and full of wonder about the world, and so am I.
6. Movie character- Eowyn from Lord of the Rings (I know it's technically a book too but w/e) this is NOT based on actual looks in my case of course, just more of a "if I could pick anyone" sort of thing. Obviously because she is so perfect looking and would love to have such looks to tease guys with :b
7. Art- A beautiful, colorful abstract because inside that is exactly what I am.
8. Dress- A unique, interesting, abstract printed and modest style suits me best I think :)
9. Flower- A rainbow rose, again because I love rainbows and including all colors is symbolic of openness and acceptance imo and I think I am good at being those things :)
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