So after my quick shower my friend Paige called and I've been with her ever since.
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Saturday August 11: This weekend we are driving down to the Hamptons for one of the last times this summer. Get there in time for a all white party at the country club in the late afternoon! Of course, anyone not dressed in white will not be allowed in.
My sister was the last person I wanted to be sharing a hotel room with. I was supposed to be traveling alone, but Luna managed to convince our parents that I was in need of a chaperone. So there we were in the Hamptons; me flipping through the latest issue of vogue, and Luna painting her toenails on the lounge chair. She was sipping a pina colada and thought I was enjoying a virgin strawberry daiquiri. She must’ve forgotten how many times I’d seen her pour rum out of a flask and into a drink on our family vacations.

Lounging poolside actually wasn’t terrible, until Luna started talking.

“So who’s the guy?”


“You’re my little sister, I can tell when you’re heartbroken, you get this pathetic look on your face.”

I rolled my eyes, there was no way Luna was going to hear about Spencer. Besides, he was the heartbroken one, not me.

“Nothing’s going on in my love life. Not that I would tell you if it was.”

“That’s your problem Jade. I bet he dumped you because you don’t know how to communicate.”

“At least on of the Khan girls actually knows how to shut up for ten minutes.” 

“I am trying to bond with my only sister.”

“I think you confused bond with babysit.”

“Maybe if you were a little bit more responsible you wouldn’t need a babysitter.”

“I haven’t needed a babysitter since I was three. You just came because you can’t stand the thought of me being ok without you.”

Luna lowered her voice to a whisper, which was worse than yelling at me.

“Are you saying that you don’t want me at the club with you this afternoon?”

“Not if you’re just gonna act like my mom.”

“Well I have some summer reading to do anyway.”


I just got up and left. Obviously Luna had no intention of actually considering my feelings.

I went back up to my room to prepare for the white party… alone.


I walked into the party and grabbed the first drink I saw. It was just champagne, not nearly strong enough.

I spotted Meredith and waved before realizing that she was talking to Ellie.

“Hey Jade! How are you?

I chatted with Mer for a bit which was awkward since things were still rough between Elizabeth and I. 

Another girl walked past and caught my eye. She looked a bit like me, only completely underdressed. I realized that it was Luna. She was wearing cut off shorts and a plain white tank top.

I excused myself and made a beeline for my sister. 

“What do you think you’re wearing? You look like you just came from the pool,” I hissed.

“I did just come from the pool. At least I went to the room and changed out of my Yale shirt.”

“You look like a bum, and it’s embarrassing.”

“I tried to come down here and fix things, but fuck you. I’m just gonna catch a train back to Manhattan.” 

Like I cared. My trip, and life, would be much better without her.
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