25 things you didnt know about me:

1. I only cry when no one sees me.
2. I feel emotional attachments to designers who've touched me.
3. In my mind, I speak in rhyme.
4. Even though I don't seem like it, I'm really soft hearted.
5. My true goal in life is to be happy.
6. I don't trust anyone fully. Not a single person.
7. I like it better when it rains.
8. I find something humorous about the word, "butter"
9. I can't think of anything better than to go some place where no one knows me. 
10. I'd like to live in a parallel universe some day.
11. I'm the most independent person I know.
12. I don't look at life as a gift. I look at it as a test.
13. To me, the color yellow symbolizes oppurtunity, but I've never thought about why.
14. My clothes are like my skin. Without certain pieces, I couldn't live.
15. Sometimes I sound superficial, but it's just the wall I've built for years.
16. I am a lotus. Lotus flowers grow in muddy water, but when they bloom, they're breathtaking.
17. I wake up every night at 2:26 AM.
18. I know too much about where I came from.
19. I know who I am.
20. I cannot identify with anyone who knows me in real life.
21. When I laugh, it's usually beucase what you said reminds me of something that makes me happy.
22. I have a burn scar mysteriously in the shape of a perfect cross on my left rist.
23. Music is my escape into life oblivion.
24. When someone hurts me, sometimes I think I can feel my heart hurting.
25. Ignorance is my biggest pet peeve.

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