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"They are coming!" Cloe whispered excitedly from the window. 

"Everyone in positions." I said "I mean hide." The girls and I all scattered around the house hiding in various locations. For example Clover was crouched behind the couch and Emilia was hiding in the closest.

We all looked at the door with anticipation. "1" Grace whispered as Ally was muttering something at the door.



"Surprise!" Everyone yelled out as Ally walked into the room switching the light switch on. She looked around seemingly in shock.

Grace and I quickly made our way over , "Happy birthday!" I exclaimed hugging her.

"What?" Ally said clearly overwhelmed by it all. I laughed shaking my head as Grace hugged her "She said happy birthday."

 "Yeah i know but what is this?" Ally asked looking around the room and back at Scott who was just grinning.

 "It is a surprise party Ally." I said "You didn't think we wouldn't do something for your birthday."

"I-I, wow, this is so nice of you guys" She said glancing around the crowd room which had almost everyone that Ally knew in it . "I was worried we weren't going to get enough time but we did" Grace told her finally letting her go.

 "All thanks to Scott here"I grinned, nudging Scott in the arm, all he could do was grin. 

 "You purposely made me walk all that way there and back"Ally pouted, before kissing Scott on the cheek. "You could have at least carried me there and back, it would have been more fun" She told him smiling.

 "We'll have time for that later" Scott grinned. "Enough of that, please, I think we should get this party started" I beamed taking hold of her arm and dragging her off.

 "You know I don't drink" She said as we headed into the kitchen. "Correction, you told me you didn't drink a lot" I said.

"Aria." She said seriously , I rolled my eyes at her. "Ally i said lets get this party started and you automatically assumed i meant drunk. " 

 "You just said about drinking." she said placing her hand on hip. "I meant one glass over whatever your drink of preference is." I said. "We need to toast."

"But-" She began but i cut her off . "I will not tolerate arguments today, missy" I paused, "here, drink up" I said handing her a glasses of wine.

 "Fine" She smiled gently before sipping the wine"How did you afford this wine? It's really good quality" She asked looking up from the glasses.

 "We all chipped in, you deserve the best, after all" I grinned, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "Mind if I try some?" I grinned, wiggling my eyebrows. 

 "No" She grinned, "it's all mine."

 "Indeed, I'm all yours" I heard Scott comment from the door way. Eww honestly. 

 "keep it in your pants until later tonight, please" I told him strictly

Aww do you feel uncomfortable Aria?" Scott teased smiling cheekily at me. I rolled my eyes "I am not going to hurt since it is Ally's birthday and i don't think she would like it but watch out puppy." 

 "I was just trying to give you a taste of your own medicine." Scott said coming between Ally and I wrapping his arms around both our shoulders. "Do you know how many times i had to deal with you and Liam?"

 I flicked him "Get off."

 "Hey where is Liam? I don't think he would miss a chance to party?" Ally asked frowning slightly. "He is probably on his way." I said smiling which seemed to stop Ally's curiosity while Scott just raised an eyebrow at me. I shook my head mouthing don't worry at him.

"How about you enjoy the party before he gets here and drinks all your alcohol?"I told Ally , as we walked out of the kitchen. Ally sipped her wine carefully "I won't let him touch my wine" she said smiling.

 "You drink?" Scott asked Ally, seeming shocked. "Does that mean I can drink too?" he questioned. 

 "Only a couple, I don't want you going all bonkers like last time" She told him. "I know, I know. I learnt that quickly, the time I got too drunk, I didn't get laid" he said, joking around with a grin. 

 "Quit with the sex comments, Scott" I sighed, pulling Ally toward the girls and leaving Scott behind us.

"Oh don't worry you will see him later." I said to Ally with a teasing grin. She just grinned sipping her wine " I know." she said sounding very sure of the fact. It was odd seeing Ally so confident in her relationship , it was definitely an improvement from the start. 

 "Here comes the birthday girl." I called while the other girls grinned each saying their own birthday wishes to Ally.

"Thanks, girls" She thanked them, hugging each of them.

 "Are you feeling the old age yet?" Cloe asked Ally with a cheeky grin. "Yes, my bones are getting weaker and I might be losing more brain cells by the day"Ally said trying to sound as old as possible.

 "It explains why you're with Scott" I joked , Ally laughed nudging me softly "There's nothing wrong with my Scott" She said smiling finishing her wine.

 "Make sure she doesn't have too many of those" Clover added, pointing to her glass that was almost empty.

"I don't think i could stop her." I said smirking a little at Ally who looked slightly offended before grinning. "I am a responsible drinker don't worry." she said giving a little salute. 

 "So what are we doing now?" Ally asked sitting on the couch looking around.

"We're going to party and dance and get our freak on" Grace exclaimed raising her glass. "I think she's already had one too many" Ally pointed out with a grin before getting pulled up.

 "We have to crank the tunes and get this girl dancing" Grace smiled wide. "Okay, maybe, you have had one too many already" I said taking the glass out of Grace's hand.

 "I told you so" Ally said grinning "It seems like you won't be having any more drinks" I told Grace, grinning.

"Hmm well i think you need one." Grace said wrapping an arm my shoulder. Ally nodded in agreement "You made me drink now you must."

 "And you have to do what the birthday girl says." Bailey commented
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