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October 23, 2012

Song of the day: 22 - Taylor Swift

Sweater and shorts from @udobuy.
Sweater: http://www.udobuy.com/goods-2375.html 
Shorts: http://www.udobuy.com/goods-1892.html


Oh my gosh. I don't even have the time to properly fangirl over 'Red,' so let me get back to you on that one... But in short, I LOVE IT. Obviously. My friend detests '22' but I kinda love it. Lol. I get that if anyone else released this as a single, it'd be kinda lame, but it's Taylor, so it's adorable and quirky and fun. 

I have to go so I really can't ramble on for long, but btw guys, in case you were wondering, the Frenchies are so cool. They speak like no English even though a ton of them have been taking English longer than I've been taking French, so it's kinda hilarious, but they're still awesome. Some of them dress SO fashionably and I'm just like "Comment t'appelles-tu? Let's be best friends." Lol jk. I don't judge people by their clothes... kinda. Nah. I kid, I kid, people. But seriously... Some of them look so cool. Ooh and today, with that French kid in my class (not an exchange student, the permanent one I've been talking about...), I pulled a Cady (think Mean Girls with the cute boy in math class) and was like "(insert name), you're French. I can't speak French. AIDE-MOI!" And he totally came over and helped me. Lolololol. And my friend confirmed that he smells good ;) Just so ya know... 

Okay. Enough pointless rambling. Time to go do my homework! Bye guys! Have a good week! xx
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