~The Script, Dead Man Walking {this song is stuck in my head but that's okay because it's awesome!}

http://brunettesilhouette.tumblr.com & http://theyumdiaries.tumblr.com {all pictures in this set are from my blogs!}

Hey everyone! I hope you all are enjoying my new layout because I don't know I just like using it but I will still continue using my old one too soon I promise :)

Sooooo hope everyone has a great week! I just wanted to make a set because I won't be able to make one tomorrow because I have my AP Lit mock exam tomorrow after school so please wish me luck!! It's the exam that counts as my semester final grade and also gets us prepared for the actual AP exam in May. So yeah! <3 

Those puppies are adorable oh my gosh!! #toocute

I miss 1D video diaries wahhhhh. 

Okay I have to go eat dinner now and we're going to watch The Muppets apparently? It's pretty cheesy but my family likes that stuff so... bye everyone sorry for this rambling xD

OH also anybody know who Karlie Kloss is dating? Well there's a picture of them at Coachella together (all the cool models are at Coachella I am jealous) and anyway he's a NFL player I don't know why it just seems funny to me and he also looks like a demon in this picture but he's supposedly a nice guy and it's Sam Bradford look: http://racked.com/uploads/2012_4_Karlie-Kloss.png

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