Wish you were here//Pink Floyd

hmmmm, 4 day weekend. How lovely. (: 
It's raining like a little bittch, though. That foils my plans for going to the beach. I got some really cute floral shorts from Forever21 along with a floral dress and a striped maxi dress which I'll wear as a beach coverup. I wish that the rain would stop. UGH. I'm scared for highschool. All of my teachers make it sound so hard. Last night I decided to just re take geometry since I'll be at a different school than most of my friends, so nobody will judge me or anything. I'm not failing the class or anything, I actually have an A in it. But if I re take it next year, my highschool life would be SO much less hectic. No Pre Calc in 10th grade, or Calculus in junior year. I'll just be normal and not take accelerated math. I'll take AP English and History but why take advanced super crazy math if I hate it? So, that will make life a lot easier. I'm still scared because I'm moving to a new district with only a few friends going (fortunately my best friend is). But the boys at this new district are beautiful. (: I feel like I can live better with a fresh start. People won't know how fat and gross I was when I was younger. They won't know how awkward I was in 6th grade. And they won't know that I couldn't dress myself well for shit until around this time last year. I can change up my style and be more free with my personality. I'll be happy but the schoolwork will be killer. I'm taking as many APs as I can and trying to balance that with dancing as much as I do and having a social life. So I shall enjoy 8th grade while I still can.
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