CATHERINE by Magic Man

Actually, Cathy was based around this song, omg.




grade: Junior (16)

bio: Although Cathy just moved to Beacon Hills two years ago, she has already established herself as the resident basket case. Nobody quite knows much about her, nor her family. She originally hails from Ontario, where she lived a completely different life as extroverted, social butterfly with her father and sisters. She had lots of friends, was popular, and would've shunned someone like the person she late became. Seen as a beautiful young girl, Cathy quickly became a nymphet, like her two sisters alike, and was involved with her neighbor, the young step-father of her best friend during the first half of their freshman year. The rest of her family, her mother and brother, had been living away from them because her parents could not live together for several years before the divorce. Her mother's schizophrenia intensified, and the secret relationship her father was having with one of his grad students surfaced, resulting in the divorce. Since her parents official split, her father married the grad student and moved on with a new family; it seemed in her best interest (according to her step mother) for her to move in with her estranged mother and older brother, who had been living in Beacon Hills at the time. She started high school at Beacon Hills High School as an outcast, due to her brother's notorious reputation as a basket case, himself. Unable to win over any of the people she had met a few times visiting her mother, she quickly accepted her social standing, turning to experimental potion making and her brother for solace. The two of them, although were never close as children, became extremely close, bonding over their mutual love of astronomy and resentment towards close-minded people. Their relationship has even been judged to be borderline incest, although that is far from the truth. Besides her brother, Cathy has few friends, her best being her physics and astronomy teachers. She often keeps herself locked up either in her room or in a chemistry lab, studying and working, even during free periods and before and after school, seemingly trying to solve some type of old puzzle. Although she herself is not supernatural, Cathy is not blind to the fact that there is something inorganic going on. With her extensive knowledge of the supernatural and its history, along with a knack for botany and healing, she has become far more useful than most people expect. Her major downfall, however, is her curiosity, and she will stop at nothing to figure out what's going on.


model: Gwen Loos

taken by: @m00n-child

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