GIF of the day: idk i enjoy this GIF, i think it's the evolution of art styles or human thinking philosophies, something like that o_o

it's time for weekly recap with me lmao, this might actually become a thing, saturday would be tag day, and sunday would be recap day haha~

at least until school ends i mean 

monday; today was an exam day for social, where we had to write one essay in 50 minutes. i feel like i didn't write enough, but oh well? we also had a drunk driving presentation for the third time this year (2015) alone. 

tuesday; if i could remember tuesday... i don't think anything notable happened in school tbh

but then i went home and watched exo's love me right maybe 100 times and you guys already know my opinions on that. 

wednesday; we started slam poetry, which i really REALLY enjoy. there's so much emotional investment and just anger. the bonus here is that you're allowed to yell at people during slam poetry ???

thursday; today was grad. no, i didn't graduate from high school but the school grades are funky here where i'm enrolled. my best friend and i got ready together and watched it's okay, it's love again. i also had my first experience with super smash bros on thursday too lol. took too many photos today as well oops.

seriously, one of the best and happiest days of my life, and i'll miss the idiots in my school.

i won't miss the fu*kbois though hAHAHAAAHA

friday; everyone decided to ditch because of "grad" yesterday. so the people who did come got the questions to the would've-been pop quiz on monday. there is an advantage to being a good student i guess?

saturday; chinese language finals. i'm actually about a grade level higher than i should be, but i'm pretty sure i messed up one question. oh well. i just want the extra credits tbh.

sunday; gotta work and study hard, gotta find the el dorado +

Have a good day to everyone today~ <333
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