Name: Enya Bane
Age: 18 
Likes: rain, big dogs, males, fooling around, nerds (they’re sexy), ice water, sass, corny jokes, chemistry, vodka, cranberry juice, feeling completely and utterly alone
Dislikes: bananas, miley cyrus, pretentious people, sugar coated words//optimists, commitment or people in general, rose colored glasses, planes, frogs, getting high, white roses, kissing, 
Power: Excruciation (tap into the nerve endings connected to the entire human body and manipulate them, user is able to make target feel terrible pain)
Poison: Grey Goose Vodka or double vodka on the rocks
Music Taste: awolnation, macklemore, cazzette, nero, kaskade, RAC remixes, imagine dragons, phantogram
Occupation: pub waitress, it’s where she picks up most of her guys
Personality: manipulative, distant, courageous, perseverance, deceiving/unreliable, mistrusting, accepts change, hard-working, extremely intelligent
Enya is a blank open book. She lets you in and you learn nothing about her. She has this way about her of never telling anyone her secrets. She’ll smile and laugh and pretend to be kind but inside her heart she’s black and blank and human interaction is not good for her. She’s been hurt, she’s been abandoned and she’s stone because of it. Her family, an adopted one as she found out later, loves her to death and doesn’t get it. They understand, and because of it, she’s never lost her quiet deceiving kindness armor. She’s showed them the life she lives but her adopted family is also rich and was never present until about ten years ago when they had the daughter they never thought they’d have and Enya nine at the time felt lost as she’d been looked after nannies and now was expected to love and devote time to a baby. She lost it, she couldn’t do it and her power showed, the one time. The mother thought something had happened with the baby, but nothing was there and doctors couldn’t explain what the pain was from and Enya felt the blood on her hands. She had felt powerful, she had felt strong and she knew she was different. It was like she had known it all along. She was fire, as her name even agreed with. She took a new persona, the sexy, the distant and deceiving Enya who could pick guys up by her pinky and manipulate them and hurt them and it felt great and it felt wonderful and it was driving her into ecstasy of destruction.
Biggest Secret: Well as much as Enya seems to have everyone fooled that she’s a sex vixen, she’s a virgin and she doesn’t plan on becoming defiled any time soon. 
Family: Margaret Bane, 45 Forest Bane, 49 and Katherine “kid” Bane, 10
Model: karlie kloss
Taken by: @young-grasshopper

1. Tell us a little about yourself (about your past, what do you like, what you don’t, etc).
I like you. I don’t like you. I’m Enya, and you cutie?

2. What is your opinion on the mutations?
I don’t know what you’re talking about, mutations? What are those? ;)

3. What was your reaction when you first noticed your super powers?
It was horrible I think I cried! (I think I floated higher than a kite.)

4. What do you think of your super power?
I….I….I…hate it. (I love it?)

5. Have you told anyone about them? Why or Why not?
I’ve tried, I swear but no one would listen, they don’t get it. I don’t get. (Why the f,ck would I ever tell someone?)
6. What are you going to do with your abilities, use them for the good, the evil or just never use them?
for good most definitely, (tell me this, how the do I use my power for good, I’m thinking more self interest.)

7. If there was some possible ‘cure’ for your super powers, would you take it?
I have no powers, what are you talking about? (Yes.)

8. How’s your school life?
Enrolled and ready to start class! I’m very excited for chemistry. (true about the enrolled…I’m not going to class, and I’m a boss at chemistry.)
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