13- Aveline's end of holiday party!

Fallon Donovan;

"Come in." I said to whoever was knocking on my bedroom door, not bothering to turn my gaze away from my reflection in the mirror. It was probably just Travis anyway.
"Miss Donovan." Henry said clearing his throat and standing in the doorway. Henry never came full into my room. I don't know if it was because he respected my boundaries or he just felt awkward, "Your father wanted me to tell you that Mr. Park is here." 

"That's all?" I asked raising an eyebrow his way. I wasn't completely sold that all my father wanted Henry to tell me was that Travis was here. 

"He might have mentioned for me to tell you not to drink too much." Henry said with a small laugh, "He doesn't want you in the papers again." He added his face and tone turning serious. 

"You know i can't resist a good photo op." I said dryly with an eye roll.

"Well maybe tonight you'll try." Henry stated turning on his heel, "Hey Henry," I said forcing him to turn back around, "How do i look? Marie Antoinette enough?" I asked with a smirk before twirling around for him. 

"You look fine." He said with a tight smile and walking off. 

Well looks like it's time to get my party on Marie Antoinette style. 

I sipped on my second glass of champagne as my eyes scanned Aveline's home for any of the girls. I immediately spotted Staz and Tabitha, mostly because their outfits made them stick out. 

"I see Staz and Tab." I said nudging Travis lightly in his ribs, "I'm going to go say hi." I added giving him a peck on the lips before leaving him to go mingle with his own friends. 

"You both look very Marie Antoinette." I stated sarcastically with a smile once i reached the both of them, "Is my other favorite party girl actually drinking wine?" I asked directing my question at Staz. I was pretty sure Staz was not a fan of wine, she was more of a vodka girl. Something we bonded over. 

"Hi Fallon." They both greeted with a smile, "I'm just trying to broaden her drinking taste." Tabitha answered, "What glass is that for you anyway? Number five?" She questioned with a teasing smile. 

"Surprisingly it's only my second. I'm on very strict orders to not drink too much tonight." I said rolling my eyes, "Father dearest doesn't want to see me in the paper again." 

"I don't think i want to see that either." Staz laughed, "It was an interesting picture to say the least." 

"I always try for interesting." I laughed, "Isn't there suppose to be cake?" I questioned before taking a long sip of my drink. 

"It will be out soon." I heard Aveline's voice said from behind me, "I see you actually tried with your outfit." She added smiling in approval before pulling me in for a hug. 

"Well you know me, i love shopping especially for a party." I stated matter of factly, "Well girls i'll catch up with you later, but right now i must get back to my boyfriend." I added giving the three of them hugs and walking off but not before 
grabbing my third glass of champagne. 

I never promised i wouldn't drink too much. 

@n-zy @chrissykinz @sarahstardom @elizabeth-kate @nessazura - I apologize for how terrible this is.
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