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*insert evil laugh*

lawd, i miss this place. sobs. i'll spare the long tale of my festive days and head straight for this tryout for GBF- @emgeemtee, this shall be my official tryout. 

i still am 50-50 about the character but before i go on and on and on changing the bio and stuff, i think it's wise for me to just submit this now. hehee.

+ Full Name: Grey Emmett Dawson
+ Age: twenty-five
+ Neighborhood: Eutaw Place
+ Position on staff: Consultant, Food & Dining
+ Style: think Alexa Chung on her happy days, and your average couch potato on her bad.
+ Bio: The Dawson family had been influential figures of politicians and doctors for generations in Baltimore. But when Grey decides to ditch her law degree and pursue journalism back home, instead of objecting, they're supportive and enthusiastic about it. It's not everyday a Dawson breaks the mold!
Grey is anything but dull, giving the same enthusiasm for her after hours just as she'd always give her best on her job. She never takes no for an answer which sometimes can piss certain people off. Good food and cold beer get her weak in the knees, usually sharing these moments with her best friend-and-sometimes-boyfriend, Dylan. She shares her 3-room apartment with her fat cat Kuro, which at times usually turns into a party house once she's drunk.
+ Likes: Cold beer, cats, boat rides, vintage stores, food (especially carbs), eating ice cream from the tub, electronic music, writing, jackets
+ Dislikes: lavenders, bad hair days, family dinners, reruns on TV, gum, being hungry, hangovers, being nagged at
+ Status: unsure... but does it really matter?
+ Model: julija steponaviciute

i just realize most of my characters have a thing against their parents/family... but Grey shall be a little bit different. she's annoyed by them (who isn't when it comes to family?!) but she doesn't hate them. and her family's pretty... exciting. 

as always i have ideas going on in my head but i'm not sure if i can keep up with it all. 

now i need to go to sleep. zzzz~
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