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Teresa "Tawni" Vernon (18) 
Hometown: Key West, Florida 
Previous jobs: Sales clerk at a local boutique, waitress
Bio: With her soft eyes and a fresh face, Tawni's considered to be the baby in the Victoria's Secret family. She was raised in the tropical paradise of Key West, always at the beach either swimming or working on her beach volleyball technique. She grew up with a love of adventure and fun with her parents always there to save her from disasters. She signed with a local agency at 16 but was later dropped for her height of 5'8 and a rather athletic physique. Crushed, Tawni worked various odd jobs to maintain her portfolio and was soon signed again. This time she was praised for her All-American look and is a rising star, booking her ultimate dream of Victoria's Secret. She's a playful flirt with a lot of potential but her sensitive interior could risk it all. 
Model: Nina Agdal

[I hope Nina counts since she did work for PINK. It's ironic, though, since she's the new face of Aerie, lolol.]

- Flashback - 

The pristine white of the hotel room was unforgettable, especially with the rays of golden light streaming in from the early Los Angeles morning. I grinned to myself, happy as always to be there. I tried to be as grateful as possible because I really was lucky. Thinking of the thousands of undiscovered girls out in the world who were dreaming of one day being in my position was mind boggling. I still get butterflies thinking about it, even if I was just a catalog model for Billabong with a couple shots, it was still something. Tucked into the inner flap of my suitcase was the official print with a little star over me, modeling a fluorescent bikini and another when the stylist put me in a pair of amazingly pretty lace shorts that I was half tempted to steal from the set.

I swung my legs over the cocoon of blankets I had made for myself. Today was my last in Los Angeles, since I had finished all my go-sees with designers that my agent set up. They all seemed pretty nice. But I could tell they were hoping for a little taller. I knew that was my weak spot but I mean, Kate Moss was 5'6 or something, right? They liked that I was only 16 and a half and the portfolio pictures I had my friend take when I was really starting. I guess it shows how talented he actually was as photographer to make a teenager look model-y. 

I giggle to myself and collapse back into my personal version of heaven. My mom and dad were so proud of me, and not to mention my aunts and uncles. Tia Carmen had worked in fashion for a while, supervising over at a magazine then eventually just owning a clothing store. She was proud of me and she said she told all my extended family in Spain, who I don't see very often. They got pretty ecstatic and hoped I could fly out to Madrid some day.

Ruffling my long maple hair, I finally got the strength to slide out of bed. My worn leather suitcase sat perched on one of the dressers in the room, open slightly. I walked over, carefully placing my fingers around the zipper, to avoid further damage. I wish I had a sticker of everywhere my mom took it. I could have filled up the whole back with pretty memorabilia. Small little stamps of all the exotic locations I dreamed about as a child. 

My iPhone rang, blaring a snippet of the latest pop tune from the charts. I didn't really know the name of it, my taste was mostly uncommon. I guess you could call it indie, but that makes me sound pretentious. It was customized for Charles Stevenson, but I call him Charlie. He was my agent and worked for the company back in Key West. I had to remember to thank him for the trip! It was the first time they flew me anywhere, I usually just traveled up to Miami for shoots and meetings with clients. 

"Hello?" I said, sing song like a cheery telephone operator.

"Hi Tawni, it's Charlie. How are you?" He asked.

"I'm great, really great." I smiled, pressing my arm against the dresser. My gaze locked on that breathtaking view of busy Californian life. 

"That's nice to hear. Anyway, I have to tell you something seriously. About your contract." 

I swallowed, raising a freshly waxed eyebrow. "Okay...go on."

"Well, the agency thinks it would be best to let you go." A long pause ensued.

I turn my head sharply in disbelief. "What? Is this real?"

"Yes, Tawni, I'm afraid so." Charlie answered solemnly. "You're not right for us."

"Why?" I cried out, sinking to the floor in a pile of clothes from yesterday. I hug my knees to my chest and let a couple tears roll out. 

"There are other models, more thin and tall, who work better in the business. The industry likes that look and it's not yours." He tried to keep it as vague as possible but I wasn't stupid. I could read between the lines.

"But-" I stammered out.

"Good luck, hun."

The line disconnected and I threw my phone down next to me. I stared at my pudgy thighs leading down to my bulging calf muscles. Tracing the lines on my collarbones, I grew sad at how shallow they were. I tried to feel the contours of my jaw for unique angles but gave up, raging in a fit of tears. 

I thought I was lucky. I thought I could be a real model.

Lying against the floor, I tilt my head down and weep over my un-"thin and tall" frame. 

Hope is the worst kind of lie. It really is.

x, Tawni


I know GWW has already begun so whenever you want me to, I'll join in to the roleplay and challenges if I'm accepted :) 

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