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+ name; Harper Lee Haydes
+ nickname; Har, Lee, Bug {only her dad calls her that}
+ age; fifteen {she's going to be an older freshman. her birthday's in October so the schools made her start late}
+ likes; leather books, writing in her notebook, her dog Bruno, potato chips, ice cream sundaes, her mother's old band{secretly}, zombie movies, 
+ dislikes; town activities, cheerleaders, any form of physical activity, her cousins, that fact that her father is a teacher, stoner kids, 
+ personality; Harper is a bit more low-key than the typical teenager of Tree Hill. sure, she likes to party just as much as the rest of them but rather than being front and center up on some table she'd rather hang out in the back of the room, committing every moment to memory for her memoirs.
+ appearance; she's small, like her mother, but has an attitude to back it up. with her long brown hair and bright blue eyes it's a complete wonder why the guys in town aren't breaking down her door. 
+ style; Har wears whatever she feels like really. She tends to stick to the rocker style, another thing she inherited from her mother, but tends to dress it up with a little. Don't put it past the youngest Haydes member to wear Doc Martins with a prom dress.
+ family; first are her parents. former rockstar Kay Michell and english teacher Sam Haydes. Her brother Mitchell is exactly two years older than her {same birthday} and a total pain in the butt. he's very protective of his little sites and fights away more guys than her father does. Her uncle Connor is still a struggling musician, occasionally playing shows at Tric while paying his bills by owning a record store in town. Her father's sister Caryn and her husband Chad live a few towns away with their two demonic children Danny and Susan. 

+ past/current relationships; despite flirting with half the class, unbeknownst to her older brother, Harper has never had an official boyfriend. Sure, there have been a few dates, but none of the boys have held her attention longer than few days. Well, other than Liam {Luke Pasqualino}.
+ best friends; despite showing annoyance towards him, Harper is very close to her brother {she of course needs a few close friends….anyone interested}
+ bio; at first look you would think that Harper Haydes is an exact replica of her mother. despite having dark hair and bright eyes, for anyone that knew Kay in her prime it would be like going back in time. once you get to know Har however, you'll discover she's not all rock and roll. in fact, she more like her dad than anyone. she's very reserved around those she doesn't know well and even her closest friends haven't quite figured her out yet. she's always seen with her notebook, claiming her life would make a killer tv show, and if you are able to get more than a few words out of her at a time you've accomplished something great. lately she's come out of her shell a bit more, due to a certain boy, and her family's hopeful she's get more involved with school and spend less time in-between the pages of her notebook.
+ dating status; secretly crushing on her brother's best friend
+ looks; Kaya Scodelario

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