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aspen wynter.
aspen wandered into the forest in the middle of a snowstorm. she knew not her name so from then on she adopted the nickname aspen. some think she has short term memory loss for she forgets things easily. she is beautiful and often has a different boy on her arm every week. she can be quite funny at times, and loves to be the center of attention.
{clemence poesy}

i sat down with my back against a tree. i was thinking marvelous things. for example, how many teeth do sharks have? that was one question that had stuck in my mind. i really wanted to know. perhaps i could go and wrestle a shark and find out? well maybe one day, when i am a little braver...

and another question popped into my mind, why is the grass green? that one was very scientific. if i knew the answers to all of my questions i could perhaps write a book!

'aspen's little thoughts.' would be the title. oh what a lovely book it would be...

suddenley, something fell from the tree and landed on top of my head. i picked it up and saw a small crumpled piece of paper. i slowly opened it up to see some lovely writing.

i would read your book.

- was the writing on the paper.

how did they know what i was thinking? i didnt say it out loud did i? surely not. but i wouldnt be surprised if i did, i am slowly becoming mental.

top three.
1. aspen, gawd shes amazing.
2. olive.
3. remy.
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