Song: "California Girls" by The Beach Boys. They are the only people who should sing about CA. Sorry, Katy. Love your song...but no.
OH! I went to Magic Mountain for the first time yesterday! It was awesome, even though I got sick xD

I got this exact outfit at Tilly's the other day! I'm gonna wear it on Monday (If it doesn't rain, that is)
Day 5.
"Five places that you want to visit"
1) France. Not Paris, but a small little town just outside of France where one of my parents grew up. I really want to see it :)

2) Budapest, Hungary. I have relatives all over Hungary that I want to meet, and I simply love the culture and the language. I'm half-Hungarian.

3) Engalnd. Same reason, I have relatives there. Oh, and there is a building named after an Great uncle that I really want to see.

4) Wizarding World of Harry Potter. That should be self-expalanitory :3

5) Calfiornia Advernture in 2010. If I had a time machine I'd go there. Now it's been all kid-ified and Disney-fied so it's not as fun anymore :/ But "Soarin' Over California" and "California Screamin" are still great! :D
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