What if Amelia ended up with Bryght.

How it happened : After being let down by the men in her life again Amelia just wanted to escape. So she ran straight to Bryght Perry's newly opened club. After a few , well alot both Amelia and Bryght ended up drunk and emotional. After a rollercoaster of laughter , anger and crying they both (well really only Amelia) decided that realtionships weren't really worth it. Bryght always the ladies man (and h.rny) suggested that have a friends with benefits type of thing but Amelia pointed out that they werent exactly friends but in her drunken state settled for it none the less.

They kept using each other for a while , it was working out for them just perfectly. Amelia got to release all her 'tension' and Bryght well just got to get la.id. Like mentioned it WAS working out for them well until Cyn and Bella walked in and found them in a rather comprising position. To say they were shocked was an understatement. Cyn (Bryghts's brother + Amelia's kinda of Ex) obviously was less then impressed and pretty much immediately started to angry at both Bryght and Amelia. Lets just say before he left they were more then a few choices thrown.

Bella seemed to stunned to talk and Amelia was nervous that this may somehow ruin their friendship. After eventually getting Bella to talk she said she would support them only if they were in a real relationship or if they stopped using each other if not she rather not talk either of them.

Both Amelia and Bryght agreed to stop whatever it was between them because they both cared about what Bella thought and due to Bella's and Amelia's advice Bryght wanted to try and fix with his brother.

During the years they were not together both Amelia and Bryght moved onto other things. Bryght throw himself into keeping his club sucessful despite his lifestyle been less then acceptable. Amelia decided to really throw herself into school whether it be her studies or her social order. Every now and then Amelia would have the ocassional romance but none of them lead to anything real. Once she graduated from highschool she was off to Harvard to study law.

It would be two years later when Bryght and Amelia would reunite. 

Bryght had being working and playing himself to death leaving his family very worried. They decided to take a family vacation to the Greek Isle and ofcourse like normal they invitied the Vandergift clan.

During this time Amelia and Bryght reconnected which ultimately lead to the both of them deciding they should try being a relationship.

What Happened Next : With neither one of them being particularly good at relationship the pair did suprisingly well , thats not to say they didn't have their problem , oh they had them from insecurities about ex's (on Bryghts half) and girls at the club (Amelia's worry) to the both of them being to busy for each other they somehow survived as a couple and if you asked bryght why he would say it would be because they have great sex.

After 2 years off dating the pair decide to tie the knot and exactly 9 monthes after their honeymoon their first child was born.

Careers : Bryght continued opening all over the country and eventually went into the hotel business. He now successfully runs a hotel empire which has hotels in ever continent.

Amelia continued into a career in law and was quite successful at it until she decided she wanted to spend more time with her family. Thanks to her brother she now helps run the Vandergift empire only working when she is needed or when she feels like it.

The Children

Aiden Benjamin Perry - The eldest child of Amelia and Bryght. Aiden from a young age was the perfect mix of both parents , he inhertied his father's charmisa and his mother's ambitous side. He ofcourse had a knack for getting into trouble whic caused his mother alot of stress. 
Aiden eventually ended up going to Oxford to study journalism. There he met his on and off again girlfriend Scarlett Bass.

Belle Anne Perry - The second child and eldest girl is definetly the most intelligent of the children. She ofcourse used her intelligence much like her mother and father did during their youth - to manipulate and rule of people. She much like her father wasnt one to settle down having numerous boyfriends and flings during her highschool years.
It wasnt until Bryght threatned to cut her off did she actually start putting that brain to good use. She went to study medicine while working part time at a boutique owned by her aunt bella. Now she is a fully fledge doctor and is attempting to seduce her older but still very attractive boss.

Alexander Brendon Perry and Bailey Allison Perry.
The twins while inseperable are quite different Alexander is the loudest Perry and also the funniest. He is almost never seen without a smile on his face. While Bailey is quiet and shy , kinda a outsider to the rest of her family but loved none the less. She is quite artistic and spent most of her life painting or drawing.
Alexander went onto follow his dad's footsteps taking over running Bryght's empire. He eventually settled down with his close friend turned lover Giselle.
Bailey went onto follow her dreams of becoming an a well known artist and is now one of the most sort after painters in the world. She is now dating long time crush Noah.


Amelia Vandergift - (Y) Leighton Meester (O) Anne Hathaway.

Bryght Perry - (Y) Ben Barnes (O) Hugh Jackman.

Aiden Perry - Jeremy Kapone.

Belle Perry - Jessica Lowndes.

Alexander Perry - Julian Schratter

Bailey Perry - Diana Moldovan.

 @nessazura - enjoy!
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