pretty much 98% of this set,
is cropped PSD images.
has anyone else thought of this?
It's so fun :D 
Tryyy it :D 
kinda, don't steal D:
I think I came up with the idea >.>
I haven't seen anyone else do something like this yet o.o
If you have, .. good job :D
idkkkk xD
I made this last night, and another set like this sooo,
I'll be publishing that tomorrow.
But yeah,
holy crap :o

I like this picture, it's cuteee 
and I'm listening to Dead and Gone,
my friend Dylan said he was listening to that song and I completely forgot about that song D:
so, I have it on repeat ^.^
Peace out home dogs 
Copy, and I will cheerfully beat you to death :)
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