Ok... So Naturally I was dissapointed by some scenes of coarse... Um But others were Amazing! For Example, the fight training scene! It was Amazing... Love jasper! The parts with Alice and Jasper were priceless... specially the kisss!The fight itself...Amazing! I loved The Bella and Edward parts...All Of them! Specially the one in the begging...the meadow one. Ahhh SO Exited... Charlie was Amazing as well. He was just Hilarious...The sex talk LOL. Ummm The Punch Well Um sord of dissapointed by that, but who cares I'm so team Edward but I want a Jacob Kiss. The Tent scene was Amazing! Call me crazy but I Love Maria, i want to see her again! Oh and Jacob! poor Jacob! When Carslile was rebreaking his bones! how he was screeming! I almost cried! ooh so much to talk About! What do you think? What did you hate? What Did you like?

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