September 20th – (mandatory) Maddox sets up a meeting to go over the rules for the group. The newcomers must know that, as an Outcast, they must be radicals in order to make changes. He believes that someday everyone will be able to use their powers without punishment, and that you can be a valuable asset. How far are you willing to go?
It sounded like a disclaimer, if you asked Jack. Like this guy was a lawyer and he was laying out the terms of service that you had to agree to and if you accepted, you couldn’t sue them later. Jack pretty much shrugged this off. After all, one had to wonder what it was they would do if someone broke this rule, the no harming innocent people rule. Like his sister probably would, Eve was good for rule breaking. She was good at little else, really. Jack though, he had no desire to harm anyone at all. What was the point? You could get just as much done if you didn’t hurt people.

Besides, Jack rather liked his innocent bystander job. The one where he just went tiny and spied on people. This was the easiest job of all and, arguably, an important one. He could gather information on anything and anyone while still behaving. Well, minus the part where he was illegally using his ability, but that was a given. Also, there was the question of whether or not destroying government buildings would fall under the harming innocent people area. After all, most of the people who worked in those buildings were pretty innocent and it was hard to clear a building out these days.

Jack didn’t think that was really his area though. They weren’t many animals that could effectively destroy a building, so he was out of that whole gig right there. He didn’t need to worry about that factor, so he wasn’t going to. For a few moments after the speech was over, Jack waited to see if anyone was going to leave. It didn’t seem like anyone was.

“Well, that’s done then,” Jack said to no one in particular and stood up from his seat, fully intending to get a drink. “In as I ever was.” Basically, he had enough rope to hang himself. Well that was a pleasant thought...
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