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Hey Girlies!

I am so sorry that I have not been active! I wasn’t allowed to be on Polyvore for a week…LOL

Anyways…let’s get started with this tip! We are going to talk about things that every singer should know, from food to performing tricks.


It really, really does. Practice singing and doing vocal scales as often as you can. 

Learn to stretch your voice. Now, this DOES NOT mean to be rough with your voice and hurt it. NO! This just means to learn to stretch your vocal range and practice those notes that are in your range, but you just aren’t confident enough to reach yet.

Also, if you have a small range, practice singing notes that help you expand your range. Don’t do this without a vocal coach or a singing teacher. You do not want to strain your voice. 

You need to be very careful when it comes to your voice. Like I have said in some of my previous singing tips, you only have one throat and one voice! Don’t waste it!


I know I always talk about this in my singing tips, but it is so, so, so, so, so important for you to learn.

You might have an amazing voice but no confidence but no one is going to want to listen to you. That will NEVER get you anywhere.

You might be thinking, “Oh my goodness! I don’t have very much confidence! Does this mean I will never be a good singer?!” The answer is no! Not everyone is born with tons of confidence! It is something you need to learn, just like singing.

So don’t, worry, darling! If you feel like you aren’t very confident and you need to work on that, then do not freak out. You just have to practice being confident.

The mom of the lead singer in my church youth band said “In order to make it, you need to fake it.” And that is extremely true. Sometimes it takes acting. 

That is what I have to do! You need to fake being confident and then, my dear; it happens…you get so used to pretending to be confident, that you actually become confident! 

It really does work. I have gotten so much more confident since when I first started singing up front.


This kind of goes hand in hand with what we talked about above. 

If you want to be a singer, you HAVE to get used to singing in front of people. 

Whether with is just your family and/or friends, or whomever, you need to get used to it.

I sing in front of 100 people every Sunday (for youth band) and about 300 when we do Youth Sunday in front of all of the adults in main service.

But, I have gotten so used to it that I don’t even get scared anymore :)

Trust me. If you really, really, really love singing then you won’t care about how many people are watching you. You will get so caught up in the music that you don’t even freak out!

That’s what happens to me! I get PRETTYY nervous when the music starts and I hear my cue, but once I am singing, that takes over and I just absolutely love it. 

Singing in front of people with a microphone, hearing yourself through the entire room is just something that I can’t even describe. I am in love with that feeling!

& FOOD &

Food is very important for your voice as well. 

Your body needs nourishment to keep healthy, and so does your voice. 

Here are some rules to keep in mind:

•DO NOT drink coffee or caffeinated beverages within two to three hours prior to singing. 

•DO drink lots of room temperature water. 

•DO NOT drink iced beverages within two to three hours prior to singing. 

•DO NOT drink hot beverages prior to or during singing. 

•DO eat high water content fruit for hydration and energy. 

•DO eat high water content vegetables for hydration and minerals. 

•DO stay fed, but don't overeat or stuff yourself.

Here are some foods that are BAD for your voice:

Salty Foods

A singer needs a well-lubricated instrument before a performance -- in this case, the instrument consists of the mouth, throat and vocal cords. Avoid eating salty foods prior to singing, as salt draws moisture out of the body. This can lead to a dry mouth, making it more difficult to sing. Decrease your consumption of foods such as pretzels, salted nuts and foods containing soy sauce to keep your salt intake low and your voice in top shape.

Foods Containing Caffeine
Some professionals frown upon drinking or eating anything with caffeine the day of a singing performance. Kristina Seleshanko, a voice coach in Oregon, notes that caffeine may slowly dry out your throat, which can be a problem when singing. While coffee, tea and soft drinks may contain caffeine, you should also decrease your consumption of chocolate and products containing chocolate, such as chocolate ice cream.

Heartburn Triggers
Avoid eating anything you know triggers heartburn, as this condition sends a shower of stomach acid into your esophagus. This may cause inflammation of the vocal cords, which can damage your voice and singing ability. Chocolate, ketchup and other tomato products, fried foods, mustard, citrus, onions, peppermint and vinegar are all common heartburn triggers, so monitor your intake of these foods, especially before a performance.

Dairy Products
Eat dairy products selectively when you are a singer. Too much dairy in your diet, particularly before a performance, can trigger excess mucus production. This may interfere with your ability to sing, as phlegm and mucus can affect the voice. Reduce your consumption of foods such as milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream and cottage cheese when you must sing; if you are a professional singer who avoids dairy regularly, you may need to take a calcium supplement to make up for the nutrients you miss in these foods. 

Now, I must admit that my worship team and I were naughty on Sunday, and we all got coffee before worship started :) HAHA. 

Our worship leader was like, “Shame on all of you who got coffee!” LOL. Were so bad :) 

Anyways….now let’s talk about foods that are GOOD for your voice :)

Vocal experts tout honey as a soothing remedy for rough throats. Voice coach Aaron Lim favors manuka honey noting that its antimicrobial properties may help ward off bacterial throat infections and accelerate healing. Lim recommends swallowing a spoonful of manuka honey slowly, allowing it to coat the lining of the throat, where it may help ease throat discomfort with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory abilities.

A Light Meal of Whole Grains, Protein, Fruit and Vegetables
It's important to keep your body nourished so that you'll have the endurance and energy to make the most of your moment in the spotlight. Manning suggests a light meal of wholesome foods eaten one or two hours before taking the stage. Chicken, fish, eggs and rice are suitable to eat before a performance. Fruits and vegetables are also excellent choices, though citrus fruits should be avoided as they can dry out the lining of the throat.


If you are really serious about becoming a singer, put yourself out there as much as possible.

Sing at coffee houses, small cafes, and anywhere that has open mic nights.

You can create a demo and send it to your favorite record labels.

My mom and I are going to go to Nashville, Tennessee sometime soon (once I have started with my singing coach and have made a demo) and we are going to look around and give my demo to record labels.


Learn to do what you need to do. 

Don’t be pushed around easily. Make yourself a goal and stick to it. You need to have a plan. 

Now, staying firm in what you have set for yourself does NOT mean that you have to be rude and un-teachable…


In the singing/music industry, there are SO MANY things to learn and practice.

You will not always know how everything works and how everything should go.

I have learned a lot about singing and music, but I know that there are still things I need to learn.

So make sure to remind yourself that you do not know everything and that there are people out there who know much more about the industry than you do.

If you are not teachable, no one is going to want to work with you.

So that is what every singer should know :) 

I hope this helps you!

Keep singing,
Julia <3


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