[ June 22nd ] 
All of the nannies along with their host families have been invited to a Red Carpet Hollywood Event. A-List celebrities such as Bradley Cooper, Angelina Jolie, and George Clooney will be in attendance. The whole world will be watching you and you better make quite the appearance. But, don't forget about who you are underneath your MAC foundation. You are just one of the world's most notorious criminals disguised as a nanny. Oh, and to make things interesting, do you all remember Leo? His "widow" will be attending for sympathetic reasons. Hopefully the paparazzi doesn't catch your glares.


I hate her. 
I hater her. 
I hate her. 

Sorry, hate is a strong word.
I strongly dislike her with a passion so strong that it could re-sink the Titanic in a matter of milliseconds. 
Diary--how can you expect me to like a girl who shot me in the leg. How? Although I haven't told a soul, I can just tell that some of the girls are aware of how cruel that idiotic Ursula is. I hat---cannot stand her. 

--An angry Suri

After scribbling out my feelings, I somehow feel better about myself. 

I have been residing in the Hilton just twenty minutes outside of the Lopez's regime, because I am too afraid to go back. 

Why is it that whenever I am there, something bad happens? This family has become my family and by staying away, I think I am protecting them. Right?

The room's telephone rings, and I drape my arm over and grab the cordless phone and hold it up to my ear. 


A bunch of static can be heard following a smooth voice of who I presume to be the manager. 

"Ms. Suri, you have a phone call on line three. It sounds like an angry boy if I do say so myself." 

Well, it's either a furious Timothy (current love interest that is also a part of the mafia) or an extremely furious Landon (her host family's son who fell in love with Suri but failed to tell her about his current girlfriend). 

I hold down the third button on the phone and await my impending fate. 

After a ton of rapid cursing, Landon finally takes a deep breath and speaks at a pace that can be followed. 

"Malo---muy---Suri, come home. Cain misses his one true love--I miss you. Come home before mother starts throwing your stuff out the window."

I sigh deeply and promise him that I will return sometime this afternoon.


After piling together my clothes, hair supplies, weapons, and red lipstick, I walk out of my hotel's door and am surprised to see Timothy leaning against the hallway's wall with his arms folded, watching me. 

My arms hang limp at my side as I drop my suitcases, and I struggle to bend down in my heels and pick them up. 

Two strong arms help me up and I am forced to stand faced to face with Timothy. 

"You killed my uncle."

I nod. 

"Well, not killed. You assisted his death."

I nod once more. 

"Damnit Suri."

I close my eyes and brace for impact. If he punches me, well, I deserve it. 

Soft lips touch my own and my eyes fly open as he caresses my hair with his palm. 

I drop my purse just inside my room as he slams the door shut and gently places me on my messy bed. 

Well, I guess that you know what happens next. 


After cuddling with Timothy, he leaves me to take a quick shower. 

I continue to smile goofily as he walks past me with nothing on besides a fluffy white towel. 

He must catch me staring and he winks at me before stepping into the bathroom.

While he showers, I find myself staring at the clock. 

5:48 PM. 

The hotel room's phone rings and I answer to a solemn Cain (Landon's younger brother). 

"Landon punched his hand into the wall and is now in the hospital. He's loosing so much blood Suri. Room 45B."

I slam the phone back onto the receiver and quickly scan my eyes around the room for an article of clothing belonging to myself. 

I spot my lingerie, and quickly slip it on. 

My clothes are underneath the hotel room's desk, and the ice bucket has tipped over, causing my clothes to turn a shade darker and become wet. 

I grab Timothy's shirt and carefully place my hands through. 

I slip my hair into a messy ponytail and take a look at my reflection in the mirror. 

Although my cheeks are glowing with passion, my hair is a mess, my mascara has run down my cheeks, and I buttoned Timothy's shirt slightly off. 

I hear the shower head turn off, and I clear my voice to speak loudly. 

"Landon's in the hospital. I need to make it up to his family by going... I.. I..." 

The door leading to the bathroom opens, and Timothy sticks out his head and nods. 

"I'll drop you." 


We both eventually reach the hospital, and by then, I realize that I am without pants. 

He looks over at my mortified face and laughs. 

"They won't kick you out love." 

I roll my eyes and let him open my door. 


Timothy decides to come with me, and we both head to Landon's room. 

I am greeted by an overly dramatic Mrs. Lopez who makes a point to kiss my cheek eight times and by a Mr. Lopez, who nods at me before walking away to discuss medical politics with the nurses. 

I introduce Mrs. Lopez to Timothy, and I leave them both to talk about life as I enter the room. 

Landon lies on his bed attached to nearly a dozen tubes and wires. 

His blood pressure is exceptionally low, and his heart rate is falling. 

I notice Cain passed out on the opposing bed, and I smile at him before draping a blanket over his body. 

"You c-c-came." 

My head pops up and I turn to look at Landon. Just as I am about to say something, a machine in the room begins to go off and several nurses rush into the room and gesture for me to step outside. 

I take a seat on a chair beside Timothy, and I rest my head on his shoulder. 


After several minutes or so, I explain to Timothy that I need a bit of fresh air. 

I promise him that I will return very soon before venturing down the halls in search of a private space. 

I open a door that says "doctor's lounge" but I am greeted by two half-naked surgeons who stare at me coldly. 

"I didn't realize that a procedure was undergoing." 

I mumble before slamming the door shut. 

A nurse eyes me carefully as I turn away from the lounge and walk off. 

I eventually come to a door that says "roof" and I open it quickly, making sure that no one is watching me, and I walk up the stairs. 

"It's a pity that he didn't die." 

My heart rate picks up and I begin to shiver as Ursula appears into view and strokes a long needle. 

"This was supposed to kill him. But, I suppose that now isn't his time to die. What a pity." 

My eyes narrow and I lunge at her throat, but she sidesteps with ease and cackles as I collapse onto the cold, hard cement. 

"Tonight is the premiere, and you better attend or else I might just sneak back here and finish Landon off." 

I close my eyes, attempting to block out the pain of my leg that is still healing. 

"Bye Suri." 

And then, she's gone.


While walking back to Landon's room, I receive a group text. 

to: suri and channary
from: elsa

Okay, I was watching Ursula--yes, I was spying--and she just vanished. Do you have any idea where she could have gone? 

Oh, I think I might know. 

to: channary and elsa
from: suri

She dies tonight.

I press send and head back into Landon's room. 

My phone begins to buzz rapidly, but I ignore the texts from the girls. 

I take a seat on Landon's bed, and I watch as he opens his eyes and looks at me. 


I shush him. 

"Last time you did that a ton of nurses came inside. Just keep quiet and let me analyze your wound." 

His eyes follow me as I circle around him and make up a fake diagnosis. 

"You appear to be suffering from a minor case of the chicken pox and a headache of the worst kind." 

Landon laughs and I eye his oxygen bag carefully. 

"You called me earlier and I am here." 

I whisper softly. 

Landon closes his eyes for a moment before reopening them and watching me closely. 

"And now I must go. I don't belong here." 

I get up, squeeze Landon's hand, and then step out into the hallway. 

A hand on my back startles me, but Cain quickly apologizes. 

"He needs you." 

I look away just as Timothy appears by my side. 

"Hey little man." 

Timothy and Cain preform some guy handshake before looking at me. 

"Code blue." 

I mumble to Timothy, which is code for someone is watching me. 

He nods and quickly walks down the hallway, leaving Cain and me alone. 

We both step back into Landon's room, and I watch as he rips off his oxygen mask and stares at me.

"Before the party, come to the hospital and show me your gown."

I fold my arms and promise him only if he places his mask back over his face. 

He does so with ease, and I step outside once more. 


After getting ready at the Lopez's house, I descend the staircase and am greeted by two of my favorite men. 


Cain yells. 

Timothy laughs and kisses my hand. 

I blush slightly and turn to Cain and furrow his hair with my hands. 

"You two are crazy, you know that?" 


The Lopez family has decided that we will be attending the Hollywood party in a beautiful white limo, but something in the back of my head tells me that I am forgetting something. 

But, that feeling goes away and I allow Timothy to lead me inside the limo. 


An array of bright light greets us at the edge of the red carpet, and Mr. and Mrs. Lopez step ahead of us and begin to pose for pictures, leaving Cain, Timothy, and myself to gawp. 

Eventually, it is our turn and Timothy holds my hand as we step onto the red carpet. 

Paparazzi begs us to kiss for the camera and we do as they ask and I find myself having the time of my life. 

While walking towards the green screen to take a few more pictures, I notice Portia and Valeriya staring at me from just inside the venue. 

I tilt my head and eye them warily before explaining ti Timothy that I must head inside. 

Cain wanders over and both him and Timothy walk over to the green screen for pictures. 


"Hey girls." 

I say casually as I narrowly avoid running into Jennifer Lawrence. 

"She's here."

Portia hisses and gestures to Leo's widow staring near a window discussing with a hooded figure. 

"She wants us dead." 

Lola mumbles as she joins our tiny circle. 

"I'll kill her after I finish of Ursula." 

I say a bit loudly, causing a few actors from Transformers to look my way. 

"It's a joke." 

The actors produce a few laughs before heading to the bar. 

"Look. We need to get rid of this widow before she attacks one of us." 

Lola says. 

Valeriya nods and Portia appears to look bored. 

"What's the plan?" 

Elsa states as her and Chanarry join our growing circle of nannies. 

"Someone needs to kidnap her and lead her to one of the private bedrooms upstairs. Then, we can all corner her and finish her off." 

I state. 

The nannies nod before staring past me wide eyed. 

I turn to follow the gazes of the shocked nannies, and I notice Ally (the widow) walking towards us. 

I reach for my dagger, but stop as Ally delicately picks up a glass of champagne and takes a sip. 

All of us watch her every move. 

She notices our stares and laughs at us. 

"Let's play a game." 

She murmurs smoothly before winking at Johnny Depp. 

"Whoever finds me before the end of the night can have a hit at me. But, if I find you, well--"

She giggles. 

"You better start arranging for a funeral." 

Ally winks at us before wandering away, disappearing into the crowd. 

"She's a dead bitxx." 

Nico growls. 

Both her and Portia head off into the crowd, leading Valeriya, Lola, Channary, Elsa, and myself to stare at each other. 

"Let's finish this." 

We all say at once and split ways. 

I keep my hand on my lower hip at all times, gently grazing my dagger every once in a while. 

Timothy eventually appears at my side and leads me to a private lounge. 

He takes a seat on a love couch and pats his legs. I laugh before taking a seat on his lap. He folds his hands around my waist and nuzzles my neck. 

I close my eyes and allow him to do as he pleases, but begin to break away as a voice becomes apparent in the empty room. 

I grab my dagger and turn my face to Timothy's. 

"Darling, run." 

He lifts his head up and stares at me confused. 

I gesture towards a shadow looming near the door and he nods before grabbing his gun and sauntering towards an emergency exit. 

He knows that she is here to kill me.
He knows that she won't hurt him, potentially. 
But, he also knows that I need to do this on my own and prove to the mafia that I am not a coward. 

Just as I am about to chuck my dagger at the shadow, Elsa and Channary come flying inside and tackle the figure. 

I rush towards them as they tie a rope around Ally. 


I whisper into her ear. 

She bares her teeth at me and threatens to slit our throats. 


After struggling to lead her into the bedroom, we eventually collapse onto the kingsize bed as Ally lies on the floor. 

The rest of the nannies burst in, including Ursula, and stare at the powerless widow. 

"This was too easy." 

Ursula states. 

I ball my fingers into a fist, but Nico steps in front of Ursula, blocking my view of her. 


After we all discuss varies ways of killing Ally, Portia decides that drowning her in the room's hot tub would require the least amount of mess. 

We all pick up Ally and lead her to the hot tub. 

"On the count of three, we will all jump in with her and begin drowning her. Agreed?"

Elsa says forcefully. 

We all nod. 

"One... two...thr-----------"

The lights turn off, and someone or something causes all of us to fall into the churning waters of the hot tub. 

The temperature rises and I feel my arms burning as I struggle to escape the hot tub's water. 

I hear a loud cackle and then the breaking of a window. 

Limbs knock me aside and I eventually go under the water. 

I begin to choke as I realize that this was in fact a set up. 

It had to have been. 

The lights eventually turn on, and I climb the hot tub's ladder and collapse onto the bedroom's carpet. 

"What the hell happened." 

Ursula demands and narrows her eyes at me. 


I yell. 

I stand up and begin to lunge at her, but Elsa holds me back. 

"She's gone." 

Lola mutters. 

All of us turn to Lola and sigh. 


The room is a mess. The bed is covered in water, blood is on the ground, the hot tub has boiled over, and the window is shattered, 

The drop is two stories, yet no body lies on the ground far below. Ally survived that jump. 

"It was a set up." 

I say loudly as the other nannies ring out their hair with bits and pieces of the bed's blanket. 

My phone buzzes and I turn away and scan my eyes across the text. 

to: suri
from: cain 

Timothy is dying

I drop my phone and let out a screech. 

Valeriya materializes beside me and I spin around on my heels and scan my eyes across the faces of the nannies. 

Everyone is here except for Ursula. 

I shove my way past Valeriya, extend my dagger, and rush into the hall. 


I begin opening and closing door hoping to see a dead Ursula. 

After entering every room on the second floor, I notice an elevator tucked away near a large ficus plant and I step on it and notice that I am not alone. 

A butler stares at me and grins. 

"Ms. Ursula was hoping that you would find this elevator." 

I spear my dagger through the man's leg and quickly press the button leading to the next floor. 

As soon as the elevator opens, I dart through it and collapse beside a bloody Cain and the body of Timothy. 

The world begins to stop moving as the pool of blood beneath Timothy grows. 

I don't even react to the gunshot on the floor beneath me or the screams of the nannies. Someone must have gotten hurt, but it doesn't matter. 

I stroke Timothy's face and listen to his faint heart beat. 

"You will not die." 

I whisper.

Cain dials 911 and I rest my head on Timothy's chest. 


911 comes and I guess you know what happens next. 

One body in a pool of blood. 
One crazed girl with blood all over her body. 
One hallucinating boy with a phone in his hand. 

I don't even react to the police handcuffing me. 
When Timothy is pulled away, I begin to scream. 
I am shot with a medicine that numbs me to the world, but the paramedics didn't have to do that. 

I am already numb. 

the end :)
#blueberry if you read it all!
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Amazing story!


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