❄ What I got for Christmas ❄ 2012

happy holidays ❄
these are the things I got for Christmas. some gifts are from my parents, family and friends. I'm very grateful and excited about all my gifts! enjoy and comment if you have a haul, too. happy holidays :)
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Wrote one year ago
wow... i felt so broke looking at this :P cute stuff though!! (:

Wrote one year ago
@couture-california-queen me too! i got it for my mom's birthday and we listened to it together and it was absolutely amazing!

Wrote one year ago
The Unorthodox Jukebox CD is amazing! :)

Wrote one year ago
@couture-california-queen omg I feel bad for you haha. thanks, hopefully at least I'll get an Android or something of the like. You have the coolest stories Ava omg.

Wrote one year ago
@couture-california-queen omg my dad is super-cheap with phones. I got my first phone in June 2011 and it was kinda cool, I think it was this LG touch-screen thing, and it was OK but I didn't like it that much so I traded it in for this red slider phone. I liked that a lot but then my mom accidentally recycled it in October 2011 so in November 2011 my dad got me the crappiest Go Phone ever haha. I hate it, it glitches all the time and it just sucks. They don't even make it anymore haha so there's like no cases for it. But I've had hints that I can get a new phone in June as a late birthday present, which is when my contract expires... My grandfather has agreed to get me a much better phone, like an iPhone 5, so I'm hoping for that.
I have AT&T but they suck haha.

Wrote one year ago
@couture-california-queen well I'm glad you got your studded case haha. My next mission is to get a phone they actually make cases for haha.

Wrote one year ago
super-cute stuff! Love the studded iPad and iPhone cases! happy holidays Ava! Love you girl!

Wrote one year ago
I think I'm going to make my haul tomorrow so I can take pictures of everything too :)


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