What I Got for Christmas 2012

Note: I am blessed and aware of that, so thanks in advance for no hate.
Happy Holidays! Thanks for reading!
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Wrote one year ago
@couture-california-queen Pretty sure that Ava Claus and Lexi Claus tied. I am oh my god! Thanks haha, yep I'm super excited and I feel super blessed! Haha me too, I can't take the Uggs to New York though because it's going to be slushy and we don't have enough suede treatment spray. I love the nail polish haha.

Wrote one year ago
@couture-california-queen haha no it doesn't, Ava Claus is way cuter. haha yes I will I am very excited, but you're gonna look super amazing with your studded boots and watch and studded phone cases and high-low shirts and blouses!

Wrote one year ago
@ruby76543 thanks so much love! happy holidays!
@couture-california-queen thanks, and haha yeah we're twins! I need to get some links taken out of it though, it's way too big... thanks, haha ho ho ho! Ava Claus! :)

Wrote one year ago
You got a lot of amazing things! Your sooo lucky! I hope you have fun shopping in NYC!!
xoxoxo-china <3


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