Seoul Romance RP:
Narrator’s POV

“Oppa..” Haebyeol wrapped her arm around Jiho. “We’re still going to the zoo this weekend, right?”
“Mmhm.” Jiho nodded. “As long as I still have that day off.”
“Oh Haneul... she always wants you to work! Maybe you should stop being such a great model.” Haebyeol laughed.

“Better yet..” Haebyeol stopped walking causing Jiho to stop with her.
“What?” He asked.
“You should work with me in Seoul Romance! Narsha unnie can be a bit crazy at times but she really knows what she’s doing! And you know Ga In unnie? She won that fashion designer contest a few months back. It’s obvious we have some really talented people at the company. Also, it would be really helpful if we can get another handsome male model such as yourself because we-”
Haebyeol went silent just as Jiho pressed his finger on her lips.
“Haebyeol... I don’t want to have this conversation again.” Jiho told her. “You know I’ve been working there longer than you have at Seoul Romance. I’m already comfortable there.”
“Right..” Haebyeol nodded her head reassuringly. “Sorry...”
“Hey, it’s okay.” Jiho patted her back. “Let’s just go and eat.”
“Okay... Hope you’re in the mood for ramyun!” Haebyeol quickly turned on a smile and ran down the street.
Jiho ran after her and they both rushed into the ramyun shop with bright faces and empty stomachs.

“What do you want?”
“Kimchi ramyun! That’s all I ever want to eat these days!” Haebyeol giggled.

Later Byunghun arrived with their meals. He still couldn’t shake the thoughts of Jiho cheating behind Haebyeol’s back out of his mind. He didn’t want to believe it was true, but still had that strange feeling locked in his stomach.

“Kimchi, are you okay?” Haebyeol asked Byunghun.
“Huh?” He stopped staring at Jiho and quickly turned to Haebyeol.
“Are you okay?” She repeated herself. “You seem a little down lately.”
“Oh.. sorry noona. Just um.. school and stuff...”
“Aww, hang in there Kimchi!” Haebyeol playfully punched his arm. “School will be over before you know it!”

As soon as Byunghun left to tend to another customer. Jiho leaned over the table to Haebyeol. “ When did you two get so close?”
“Oh.” Haebyeol laughed. “I come here too often don’t I?”

Later after the meal, Byunghun came over to take up their dishes. Unfortunately he didn’t see the cup of water in front of Haebyeol and accidently knocked it onto her lap.
“Omo. Noona!” Byunghun shouted. He quickly put the dishes back down and grabbed a napkin to help clean her up.
“Ya.” Jiho grabbed the napkin from Byunghun’s hand. “Maybe you should be drying off the table instead.”
“Oh boys. It’s fine. I mean, so what it looks I peed my pants, it’s just water!” Haebyeol protested.
“Sorry noona. It really was an accident.”
“Don’t worry about it Kimchi!... Omo. Oppa. Maybe I should do it, this looks really strange.” Haebyeol giggled. 
“Okay okay. Go on to the bathroom then.” Jiho also laughed making Byunghun sigh out of frustration.

As Haebyeol quickly left for the bathroom, Jiho’s phone started to ring.
“Ye? Ah, Haneul.” Jiho said to the phone. He looked up and remembered Byunghun was still at the table cleaning up.
“Do you mind?” Jiho said to Byunghun, who simply rolled his eyes and carried the dishes away. But of course Byunghun couldn’t avoid NOT listening to Jiho’s conversation. He was talking to Haneul...

Byunghun lingered by Jiho’s table unnoticed, and eavesdropped on the conversation.
“This weekend?” Jiho said to the phone again. “I told Haebyeol I would take her to the zoo. Should I say I got caught up in work again?... Ya. You can’t mention a party and not expect me to arrive!”

At this point Byunghun wanted to flip every table in this room and punch the lights out of this guy. He was right! There is something suspicious going on between Jiho and Haneul. Byunghun quickly walked to the bathroom to calm himself from having to strangle his customer.

“Omo. Kimchi.” Haebyeol saw Byunghun as she came out of the bathroom. “The boys room is over there.” She giggled and pointed behind him.
“Oh, heh. Thanks Noona.”
“It doesn’t look bad anymore, right?”
“What doesn’t?”
“My pants, babo!” Haebyeol playfully slapped his arm.
“Um.. you want me to look.. there...?”
“Aigoo. Did I make you blush? Hehehe. If you don’t want to look I won’t make you.” She giggled again.

Byunghun watched as Haebyeol walked over to Jiho, who hurriedly put his phone away.
“Who was that?” Haebyeol asked.
“It was Haneul, wasn’t it?!” Byunghun chimed in.
“Um.. yeah.. it was.” Jiho gave him a weird look.
“Oh, what did she say?”
“She wants me to work on Saturday!” Jiho put on a frown face.
“Bullsh*t.” Byunghun muttered loud enough for them to hear.
“Kimchi!” Haebyeol was shocked by Byunghun’s harsh language.
“Excuse me?” Jiho responded.
“I said...” Byunghun stepped closer to Jiho, “you are full of sh*t.”
“Ya! What has gotten into you?” Haebyeol pushed Byunghun away from Jiho. “Haneul is his boss!”
“Haneul is!...” Byunghun stopped to see the expression on Haebyeol’s face. She looked like she was about to burst in a million tears. He couldn’t bear to see her do that.
“Ha. I think Kimchi boy has a crush on you, Haebyeol.” Jiho scoffed.
“What?” Everything was becoming too much for Haebyeol to handle. “Is this... true?”
“Well... um.. yeah... but...” Byunghun couldn’t stop blushing.
“Kimchi...” Haebyeol’s voice softened. “Trying to break me up with my boyfriend isn’t going to make me fall for you. I didn’t think you were like that...”
“NO! That’s not it! Please believe me when I say-”
“I think it’s best if you quit now. Haebyeol has been through enough today.” Jiho wrapped his arm around Haebyeol and walked her out of the shop.
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