What hurts the most, was being so close. And having so much to say. And watching you walk away.<3

So, im sorry. i just cant deal. Girls are bitches. It's as simple as that. So, first, the happy thing.

My best friend is amazing. Truly, amazing. We've been besties forever, and we got into one big fight when i got sick of her treating me like crap. Now, we are super tight and she has my back no matter what. 

So I was at a party last night, for my most mellow friend's birthday, and my bestie, Danielle, and my 3 other awesome friends, Brianna, Brooke, and Siena, were hiding in the bushes near the fire pit. I was in the garage with a few other people and the rest of the peeps were out by the fire.

My really good friends (who i thought were good friends) Shannon&Alley, began talking shit about EVERYONE at the party. Including me. They made comments about my chest and how i, "think its so big" Yes. I have a big chest. And I FUCKING HATE IT. Legit, i hate fitted shirts because i loook huge. So, they made comments like that. 

Danielle, Brooke, Brianna, and Siena all pulled me aside and told me that. So, they sent my friend Julia and I to go spy, and see if Shannon and Alley will say anything. Well, Shannon did. Alley just walked out of the room but Shannon said stuff about all of the girls. We told our friends and a huge fight broke out. Shannon started cursing Brooke off and 3 people cried that night. 

I was legit crying before because I didn't want to wear a t-shirt because of how big my chest looks. They put so much stress on me that i began to cry. over the stupidest thing. GIRLS ARE FRIGGEN BITCHES.

but, the good thing is, my bestie told the truth. she didn't hide it from me and now ik who my real friends are. 

love you d <3
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