Hi my sexy unicorns!
So my best friend spent the night last night. super fun, i guess we just stayed up all night watching Sherlock. 
Then got up and scrolled around on her tumblr. 
So she just left, & i am writing my Fan-fic and drinking my 2nd huge cup of Hot chocolate :3
Isn't my life awesome?
BUT AWESOME SAUCE LAST NIGHT! i got a dudes number. (those who know that i am dating someone should also know that i am a huge flirt even though i am taken, don't judge.) AND THEN! i got to hang out with this dude who is freaking adorable! and i like LOADS. he gives good hugs:) 
But i just would like you guys to comment on this set about something, like a poll.
Question.) If you were at a party & EVERYONE was playing a hugely retarded active game, (i am not active unless it is soccer) and you dont want to play, would you think it is mean and rude to try and force you to play it? like saying how retarded you are for not playing? and literally grabbing you and trying to shove you into the game? 
I do. Please tell me if you do, that way i don;t feel like a loner.....
BYE! Love Olivia<3
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