Ugh...this set sucks.

Hi everyone! It's Deanna! For winter break, I'm going to the beach! Yay! I'm so excited, since it's all cold and stuff where I live. So yay! Tomorrow is our last day of school then winter break! Yay! We have to fly to where we're going, so that sucks. But, I'm going to the beach! Yay! For 8 days! Sorry about my weird little happy rant. Here are some of the outfits I plan on wearing at the beach! I'm weird with the way I pack, I plan out all my outfits before. So yeah! I say that a lot, don't I? Huh.

TENUE UN (tenue is outfit in french)
This is just one of the bikini's that I'm bringing. The bag is a coral-ish Roxy beach tote that I got forever ago at Asos. 

Obviously, we're gonna go out to dinner and check out the boardwalk and stuff so I packed plenty of sundresses! This is a really cute vintage western-chic sundress which I ordered online on Cyber Monday. I paired it with some cute, simple, brown sandals.

This outfit is basically just casual. We won't go in the ocean every day, becuase there's a ton of stuff to do where we're going. I packed some little jean shorts from Abercrombie and a yellow high-lo crop top. I also packed some brown flip flops with a white flower. I have some sunglasses, which I will be wearing throughout the entire trip.

I have another one of the bikini's that I'm packing, which is white with blue, red, and yellow flowers. I prefer to wear bandeau bikini's, because they compliment my petite figure the best. The sundress is just like the one I have, except mine is white with tan buttons on the chest. Mine also has a cut out in the middle, which shows off some stomach and is super cute. 

Those are a few of the outfits I am bringing! I will also post a set talking about what I'm bringing on the plane in my carry-on bag. I hope you enjoyed this! Sorry about the crappy set! Bye!
-Deanna @rosiegirllove
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