^^isla getting sassy when asked if she's a weasley.
she'd like you to know that she is absolutely 100% definitely NOT, thankyouverymuch.

[[finishing this as soon as possible (like now). same goes for the pm's and tags i need to respond to. and working on RR. because damn my internship is consuming more hours of my day than i thought ;3

also, totally excited to finally get back into rping because it's been WAY too long. and i'm equally excited to rp as a gryffindor for the first time (usually i choose my own house, ravenclaw, but felt i needed a change). so let's see how this goes.]]

+Isla Isobel Lane, 17
+10" Rosewood with dragon heartstring core
+Does 'supportive side-line fan of the Gryffindor quidditch team' count? Oh, and 6th year Gryffindor Prefect and a Slug Club member (begrudgingly) 
+Likes; dive bars, Bon Jovi, leather jackets, old books, firewhiskey and rum, fruit salad, DADA & charms class, Aerosmith, her motorbike affectionately named Bug, perfecting her spells & ominous black crows
+Dislikes; Potions class, the foster care system, being mistaken for a Weasley (not that she really has anything against them), talking about herself or being asked about her past, her birth parents for giving her up, the color pink, & messing up spells
+Personality; quiet but headstrong, brave, reserved with most people, has a hidden 'wild girl' side, rebellious at times, incredibly smart, intuitive, quick to judge people she doesn't know, closed off, extremely sentimental but would never admit to it, not exactly the most self-confident but incredibly proud of herself when she successfully produces a spell or charm
+Okay, maybe Isla isn't exactly the most noblest of Gryffindors. Maybe she doesn't march head first into a battle or chivalrously defend all that is good and just in the world. She waits and she thinks--calculates--but she's a hell of a fighter and even more, a hell of a woman who certainly is unique. Isla has lived by the rules of "the only one who could ever protect me is me" for so long that she's had it ingrained in her head that she can't exactly trust anyone. Sure, the girl has trust issues, but who can blame someone who--up until the age of 11--was tossed around the foster care system left and right; disposed of whenever the current family got a child of their own. She never knew her parents (they were probably teenage dirtbags growing up in the early 70's with a fleeting romance and an unwanted pregnancy, anyways) and it wasn't until she received a peculiar letter addressed from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that Isla knew she may actually be a /bit/ different. It also took her a while to accept the fact that she was ~magical~ but now at the age of 17, Isla is wholeheartedly embracing that fact about herself (and never ceasing to show off just how magically talented she is...she's a Gryffindor, after all, and does carry some self-pride in gloating). As a current 6th year, Isla is known as being a bit of a rebel; a mysterious, I-do-what-I-want-so-watch-out girl with a knack for dressing in leather jackets and motorcycle boots (and riding the occasional motorbike, which she keeps not-so-discreetly hidden behind the old oak tree at the edge of the Forbidden Forest). She has that unforgettable flaming red hair that often gets her confused with a Weasley (of which she is not one, thankyouverymuch) and a personality that can either scare a person away, or make them want to know her more. But one thing everyone knows about Isla is that she is certainly not one to divulge on her past. Isla keeps tight-lipped about anything relating to herself, in fact, and has a bad habit of resisting to try and get close to anyone. She's more likely to shut you out than open up and reveal her deepest, darkest secrets. Overall, she's a hard shell to crack, but there's just so many mysteries brimming at the surface, ready to explode...perhaps this will be the year that happens?
+Karen Gillan
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