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Please don't talk to me today. I'm really disappointed.
It's Polyvore again. So I made a rant on my other account ( but people didn't really listen or looked at the set.

So this morning, I checked my activity on my phone since I was too lazy to go on my laptop. I found many people tagging me in the same set. Not picking names since it's rude.

Then I found out it was LIKES. Random tags for people to get LIKES. 

This community on Polyvore right now is ridiculous. WHO CARES ABOUT LIKES? You don't need this and that many likes? It's not like you're going to get a million dollars or something. I, attend to get likes like...2OO or so BUT I DON'T ASK PEOPLE TO RANDOM TAG. 

It fills up my activity so that's why I try to have people remove me from their taglists. Sorry.

-Katrina #katrinawuvsyou 
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