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Aiden pulled his bag out of the back of the cab, as well as his sisters. He handed it over to her. "Here've got everything right?" He watched her nod and then run off to into the school. Aiden rolled his eyes and smirked. He slung his bag onto his shoulder, and shut the trunk to the cab. He waved to the driver and watched as he drove away. Aiden glanced up at the tall building he could remember being even taller when he was here last. He was happy to be back, he was excited to see his father, mother and other siblings. He began his walk up the front stairs, and into the building. (15)

Alex left her brother and ran towards her fathers room. Her bags slightly held her back a bit, but she tried her best to keep a fast pace. She bit her lip as she turned down the hall, and counted the doors, till she came up to the oddly familiar door. She knocked frantically then opened it, she jumped in and yelled. "Dad! I'm home...and so is Aiden!" She giggled. (13)

Annie sat in her car and looked out the window. She took a deep breath and she wiped her eyes. Why on earth was she even here? Had hell frozen over? Not to her luck. She knew why she was back here, why she had been kicked out of school and how she had tricked them into thinking they told Andy about her expulsion and many other things she had gotten in trouble for. All those memories flashed past and brought a new wave of tears. She wiped at her eyes again, and looked into the mirror. She looked at her sad, young red eyes. She was here, because, she was pregnant, and wasn't sure if she wanted to stay pregnant. She needed her daddy. (17)


none of them have to be that exact age, but I just thought it would work. :)

and no rush to get started, just thought I'd put the set out there. 

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