hallo lovie,

woah im back! 
crazy right? 
i missed every single one of you! 
i doubt you missed me O.o 

okay so before i start i just want to point out that the picture on the top right corner is from the 2003 peter pan movie. omg i cant even aha im obsessed with thar movie hehe. 

okay so it was like tag fest or something while i was gone so....so i was tagged by @aaallie 1101 and @and-now-we-have-fallen 

✯ vital stats
name;; Cameron 
nicknames;; Cammie, Cam 
birthday;; March 19
place of birth;; London 
star sign;; wtaf is this "star sign" you speak of
occupation;; school
✯ appearance 
hair colour;; blonde
hair length;; like halfway down my waist 
eye colour;; various shades of blue depending on my mood or the color im wearing 
best feature;; my hair? ohh my eyelashes too! 
braces;; never
piercings;; nonee 
tattoos; nope no and noh 
righty or lefty;; both SUCK IT
✯ firsts
best friend;; this guy named Tyler and this girl named Kathleen and Allie [ @aaallie1101 ] and i go wayy back....
award;; im still waiting on this one jk jk idk 
sport;; surfing mofos 
real holiday;; Easter? 
concert;; miley cyrus ... dont judge
✯ favourites
film;; Lord of the Rings, Goonies, Oceans 11, The Heat, 2003 Peter Pan. guys i cant choose just one 
color;; sea foam green
song;; fade away - we came as romans ; in flames ; ghost town ; alone - falling in reverse ; drug in me is you - falling in reverse ; this party sucks - the wonder years ; my disaster - love and death ; empty - love and death ; off with her head - ghost town ; my last semester - the wonder years ; misunderstood - aj michakla ; lego house - ed sheeran ; game freak - ghost town ; lost it all - black veil brides ; can you feel my heart - bring me the horizon ; just the way im not ; all time low ; painting flowers - atl ; stay awake - atl ; 
&& jesus i cant name em all 
resteraunt;; hmmm
book;; The Fault in Our Stars by FAR lis seriously no book can beat it just adsfikjl guys 
magazine;; Surfer Magizine
shoes;; my brown ocean minded flip flops! just adsfikjl 
✯ currently...
feeling;; confused, sad, alone, wondering, conflicted. thats right i have bad days 
single or taken;; single
eating;; cut up mango
listening to;; lost it all - black veil brides 
thinking about';; the great mysteries or the universe. 
wearing;; my footie pajamas O.o
✯ future
want children;; yesh! 
want to be married;; yuppp
careers in mind;; lawyer, professional surf photographer, i really want to help with trafficking somehow
where do you want to live;; Narnia or Middle Earth
✯ do you believe in...
God;; yeah!
miracles;; yes
love at first sight;; not really 
ghosts;; more sprits 
aliens;; well life forms on other planets
soul mates;; for some people
heaven;; yeah
hell;; yeah
kissing on the first date;; umm depends on where it is. idk maybe not
yourself;; sometimes!
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