dear everyone -

a quick update, mostly for my roleplays, three of which are mine anyway, but nonetheless:

the next two months are going to be tiring for me. amongst other things, i have mum's 50th birthday / dad's 50-something birthday, my brother coming to visit, going to visit my brother, minor surgery, an american friend visiting, thanksgiving (sooo happy i get to celebrate this year), one best friend moving interstate, one best friend returning from a year overseas, grandma's birthday, christmas!!, my own move interstate.

anyway though i'm sure you don't want to know about my life, it means this for my rps - 

daria / bai&mtw: still the easiest character to write for even if like nobody reads, i have a few things written already.

monty / acs: i know a lot of people like her so i'll definitely try and keep up my stories. she has otter babies to look out for!

haley / bt: i have my storyline but i don't know how long this rp will last because people seem to have forgotten about it.

morgan / gete: @druesaysrelax you know i have plans for morgs :) i might not be able to write that much but i still want to see her story through.

wren / fpa: @fleetingfanfan @marzipanniers i still love wren! making dolls takes such a long time so i might not be that active, but i don't think you guys are of the slave driving sort, please excuse any potential absences.

kasia / clv: @wakeupfarah i'm with kasia for the long haul but she might not be one of my highest priorities. i still have plenty to write for her.

all that being said (and probably not read), as some of you know i'm starting a government job halfway through january, which means my priorities next year are going to be incredibly different to now. i'm going to try my absolute hardest to write once a week for daria, and hopefully kasia and monty. we'll see what happens with everything else. 

but that's really far away. for now i'm hitting the codeine hard so my ability to write is very diminished.

i'm in way too many groups....

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