Coffee&Cakes (summer edition)

Slowly, Eun had begun to open her eyes. Usually her mornings at the pension resulted in a rude awakening from her mom, telling her to eat breakfast. Today however, was different. Is it possible that Eun woke up before her parents?

She steadily sat up from her bed and rubbed her pounding forehead. “Where did this headache even come from?“ She thought. Eun scanned the room to notice all the unfamiliar things surrounding her. This wasn’t even her bed! It was just some random couch! Where was she? At a friends house? Maybe Yurim let her stay in another room to get over her hangover. Yes hangover. The memories from last night were slowly starting to come back to her.

Eun took the blanket off of herself before getting up from the couch. Hopefully there was a bathroom nearby. It would be awful if her parents were to see her like this!

“You’re awake!” A male’s voice boomed like an electrical charge that shocked her entire body.
“S-sunggyu?” Eun turned around to see Sunggyu in a kitchen. Sure enough this wasn’t Yurim’s Grandmother’s pension after all...
“Did I startle you?” Sunggyu laughed from the kitchen.
“No..” Eun lied. She nervously grabbed her blanket to cover herself up. How did she get here and why was she still wearing only a bikini?
“Stay there.” Sunggyu said grabbing a mug from his cabinet. “I’ll bring the tea to you.”

“This should help with your hangover.” He handed her the warm mug.
Eun sipped her tea in silence. She kept glaring at Sunggyu while thinking of reasons as to how she even got here.
“Aigoo.. how did you get to have such scary eyes?” Was all Sunggyu could say.
Eun remained silent and inched farther away from Sunggyu on the couch.
“Do you not remember what happened last night?”
Eun shook her head.
“Well I can assure you. There’s nothing to worry about.” He smiled.
“So.. where are my clothes?” Eun asked.
“Oh right..” Sunggyu stopped to think. “Woohyun should have them.. I think.”
“What?? Why does he have my clothes?” Eun began wrapping the blanket even more tightly around her body.
“Uh.. well.. I gave them to him.”
“Huh?? Why?!” Eun’s mind was racing. Was Sunggyu sure nothing happened last night?
“Ah. It’s not what you thinking.” Sunggyu tried reassuring her. “I just couldn’t hold them when you were on me.”

“YA! YOU SAID NOTHING HAPPENED!” Eun nearly choked on her tea. “You could have stopped me or something!” She put her hands on her cheeks to hide her blushing face.
“No no!” Sunggyu waved his hands. “Don’t misunderstand! I’m the one who took you!”
“WHAT?” In an instant Eun’s feelings switched from embarrassment to anger. “PERVERT!” Eun took what was left of her tea and poured it onto Sunggyu’s lap.

“AHHHH MYO YA!??” Sunggyu yelped.

“Hyung! What’s going on?!” Woohyun came rushing out of the bathroom in only a towel.
“SUNGGYU IS A PERVERT!” Eun shouted.
“Sunggyu? Ayyyyyy. No way. Really?”
“Aishhh jinjja. You were passing out! I had to put you on my back!” Sunggyu defended.
“Aigoo Eun. You were so cute sleeping too.” Woohyun cooed.
Eun tried holding back her smile. She felt even more nervous when she noticed Woohyun, almost naked, standing in the room dripping wet from his shower.

“So..” Eun came back to reality. “Nothing happened?”
“No. Unfortunately.” Woohyun giggled.
“Oh..” Eun turned to Sunggyu to apologize. She then got up from the couch to use the bathroom. “I should shower...” She mumbled.

“Here Eun, you can use my towel.” Woohyun offered the only thing covering his body.
“YA!” Sunggyu scolded Woohyun before he attempted to flash Eun. “There’s clean towels inside!”
Eun quickly closed the bathroom door behind her before having another panic attack. However, she still couldn’t stop smiling. Something about those boys...

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Later Eun was able to safely travel back to the pension where her parents never suspected a thing. Instead they were just grateful she was able to have fun with her new friends. 

Sunggyu and Woohyun continued their day at the beach. Sunggyu was fortunate enough to have the day off which allowed plenty of time for him to get some well needed rest.

“Hyung...” Woohyun was nervously pacing around in the sand. “What if we don’t see Eun today? What if her parents punished her???”
“Nah.” Sunggyu waved his hand around. “Eun seemed pretty okay before she left the apartment. She probably told her parents that some of her girl friends let her spend the night or something..” He leaned back in his beach chair to rest his eyes.

“Maybe she’s trapped in her room? Should we go over there to rescue her?” The more Woohyun started to worry, the more uneasy it was making Sunggyu feel.
“Let’s just wait a bit. If we don’t see her in an hour we can go rescue her together.”

“Rescue who?” The sound of Eun’s voice made Woohyun jump.
“OH MY EUN!” He quickly turned to hug her. Sunggyu immediately leaped out of his beach chair to interrupt.
“Are you okay? Have you eaten?” Sunggyu sounded like a worried eomma.
“Yes, I ate! I’m fine!” She backed away from the boys for some breathing room. “You guys act like I went off to the army or something. It’s only been a few hours!”
“We were just worried...” Woohyun muttered.
“Well now that you’re here. We can play frisbee!” Sunggyu pulled out the disc from behind his back.
“You’re not working?” Eun wondered.
“Ani.” Sunggyu smiled. “You should see how hard Himchan is working today. I’ve never seen anything like it!”
“Well in that case, let’s play!”

The trio spaced themselves out on the beach, making an equilateral triangle in order to pass the frisbee to one another. Everything was fun and games until Woohyun decided to uneven the playing field.

“Ya. You skipped me!” Eun shouted.
“Oh Did I?” Woohyun smiled and winked to Sunggyu.
“Here Eun.” Sunggyu smiled evilishly before tossing the frisbee far from Eun into Woohyun’s grasp.
“YA! WHAT KIND OF GAME IS THIS??” Eun complained.
“Keep away!~~” Woohyun sang and threw the frisbee back at Sunggyu.
“AISHH JINJJA!” Eun scrambled around in between the boys to try catching the frisbee flying high above her head.

“Ready Eun? I mean Woohyun?” Sunggyu laughed.
“Yes! Over here, Hyung!” Woohyun raised his arms.
“Oh no, I’m getting this one!” Eun crouched in the ready position. As soon as Sunggyu let go of the frisbee Eun ran as fast as she could in Woohyun’s direction. Since her eyes were only fixed on the frisbee, she had no idea she would unintentionally knock Woohyun to the ground. Consequently, Eun had also fallen down- right on top of Woohyun.

Eun simply gasped when she noticed herself sprawled on top of Woohyun’s body. Before she could quickly get up off of him, Woohyun pulled her in for a quick kiss on the lips. Eun stayed on the ground, rubbing her lips while Woohyun was flailing and giggling around in the sand.

“What the hell is going on?” Sunggyu mumbled as he made his way closer to them. “Are you two okay?”
Even though half of Eun’s face was covered by her hands she still nodded her head. Woohyun was still squirming in the sand with a stupid grin on his face. And that idiotic smile said it all. Sunggyu knew Woohyun too well to know what just happened.
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