I often wonder at times, questions. Things that randomly decide to pop up in my head at night, when I'm bored and can't seem to fall asleep, even after wacking off a billion times. See threw in a joke there.

but anyway my question is, what makes a man in society? in today's society Or rather so I don't sound sexist, what makes a person in society?

Society will tell you that a good person is one who, number one. Pays all their bills on time, Follows the rules that are laid out to them, doesn't break laws, won't question what their told to do, prays to a personal god, and contributes to society in anyway that they can. And No, I'm not talking about those justin beibers fans. Sorry guys he's not really that great. 

but in all seriousness, all those facts that I've just listed above, are all those the necessary elements that make you a good person.

Now I'm not here to judge anybody or point any fingers, I just want to see what you have to say. As humans we've all got this curiosity that sometimes evolves into other things. That need to gather all this information, and even poke things with a stick if we have to.

I don't like one side arguments, where one would go. "This person, or this thing is awesome, fuck you if think otherwise." 

No I want every persons ideas and thoughts to be considered, to be known. Even the history's greatest minds and thinkers in the world couldn't gather up an answer alone.

We're all told similar and different varieties of what the world is, and whats its about, can't I I spend the rest of my life finding out, until the day I die?

And if you want my opinion on what a good person is, well. Maybe you can't afford to pay all those annoying tax's, bills, are a shitty father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, niece, uncle, aunt, cousin. 

You could be the biggest piece in the world, even so. Everyone deserves to be forgiven at one point.
If a person can recognize their mistakes and flaws, admit to them, and actually try to make things right. 
Well then I'd have to show my hat to sir, madam. You may not the greatest person in the world that ever lived, but at least your trying.

And you don't need to believe in some supreme being, inorder to make things right.

And If you've got family hold them tight, when times are tough, especially when times are rough, whether you hate them, love them. They'll be there. and for those of us who don't have families, you don't need blood to make someone your family, but besides that, everyone else is just a stranger.
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Wrote 4 years ago
thank you @gughica

Wrote 4 years ago
As you are reading my toughts...
Fabulous story as well as your sets!



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i have no idea where to put my text set.

i have no idea where to put my text set.

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