That is what Melody and Kit and Rachel are wearing! Um to explain about Rachel...She is Melodys new adopted baby girl! She isnt going to adopt any more tho. Rachel was born on March 14 and put up for adoption as soon as she was born. She was a premie and needed some extra care so our awesomee dad offered to pay for it all. =) And today when she was discharged, daddy brought her home. He didnt actually mean for anyone from our family to adopt her, he was just going to have her stay for the night until they found a foster home for her. But when Melody saw her and held her it was clear that she had found her home! So they adopted Kitlyn and Rachel today. =) They are really sweet together! Rachel has dark red hair and green eyes. She looks like she could be Khellans daughter or little sister! So now you know about the newest neice of mine! lol ♥Julia♥

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