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@madisykes-peat HOLY EEEPP MADI my darling liam to my niall, words can't describe how much i enjoy talking to you, your super awesome. <3 <3
@basketballloverca while your one of my newer tags I think you have a lovely/bubbly personality, that I don't want you to ever change. <3 <3
@angel29011 oh god ANGEL your the Louis to my Niall for sure, even when your busy, it feels like we can talk about anything and I love your positive, hilarious spin on things. So happy we're frans on here. <3 <3
@fashionlover809 DANI!! the Zayn to my Niall.. FANDOM FEELS FOR LIFE, the rocker vibe to my hippie one, I adore the fancy storylines we come up it totally makes my day messaging and swapping sets with you. <3 <3
@onesirectiongirl You have such cute and fun sets on your page and I think your a lovely person. <3 <3
@allysonmaldonado15 I adore your spunky/funny sets and darling personality. <3 <3
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