KID: Madeline Carter

January 13th 
Banks of flowers begin to pile outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. The king has been officially declared dead and the ascension of King Edward will take place soon. No one shall be there for the ascension, save for the king and those involved in the ceremony. Funeral arrangements have begun for the King and the Royal family must gather together to make decisions regarding such. In the evenings, a quiet dinner with family and friends will be hosted.

What A Strange Day // Dr. Dog

I’d woken up early this morning to a phone call from Georgie telling me what happened. It was still dark out and I hadn’t had to sense to dress for the cold that hit me when I’d opened the front door, but I didn’t much care. I had to get to Georgie.

I had the walk from Halls to her flat to think about what I might say to her, but I still managed to make an ass of myself.

“Want to go to the pub?” I had asked her. “We could drink all day and then tear it up tonight. It’d be great.” 

And now I had the walk back to reflect on said ass-making. 

I stopped in an off-license on my way and bought a carton of cigarettes. I didn’t usually smoke sober, but I thought it might help clear my head.

It didn’t.

No matter how I tried to focus on smoking- sucking the life out of the cigarette before pulling it away and letting the smoke slowly out through my lips; in, out, repeat- I couldn’t distract myself from what had happened.

Particularly since when I got back to halls the sun had come up and people were starting to find out that their beloved King George VII was dead.


Just a short story and a simple set this time, but expect more Maddie stuff soon.
Getting caught up on reading everyone else's stories :)
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