heres what to bring to a sleepover..........................

1. pijamas! 
well i recomend that you bring some cute and clean ones. also its best to bring as t-shirt or tank top with pants that way you wont get too hot and if you do you can roll up your pants or cold because of either the a.c or weather. you might even want to bring a sweater if its winter.

2. extra bra amd underwear
its best to bring an extra bra and underwear incase they get dirty and make sure your bra fits. its nasty when girls wear bras that are too small on them.

3. sleeping bag
make sure your sleeping bag is comfortable and clean and dosent smell like moth balls. also if its winter its nice to bring a cute throw. if its to thin bring a blanker you can fold and put underneath and a pillow.

4. toothbrush
bring your tooth brush so your teeth a clean.

5. any other hygene products
so if you need perfume, body spray, deoderant, pads, hairbands etc..

6. a book 
incase you cant sleep its nice to read

7. anything else
if you are told to get anything or theres something i didnt mention............. 

if i forgot something please tell me so i can add it , thanks

some other things i decided to add.....
-stuffed animal
-nail polish
-cell phone charger
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