1st of all this is legitimately for classes and school. this is not exactly a purse. so i will be only mentioning things important to classes in general. Im not going to say gum, money, lipgloss, tampons, and all that other junk! lol
lets begin! :)

~~~~~~Pencil Case~~~~~~~

Its important for you to have a pencil case for school for your classes so organization would be much easier. You can invest in a Juicy pencil case or get one from Walmart, its your pick. Even makeup bags can make cute pencil cases if you dont want to buy one and have a makeup bag already.


the should be #2. at least have 2 #2 pencil and you can have other pencils too. but at least have 2 pencils

- Mechanical pencils
they can replace #2 pencils or you can have both. if you are only going to have mechanical pencils then have some that are #2. 

The mandatory colors are black,blue, and red. At least have these colors. I'll get back to you on pens.

Have at least 1 big eraser. it can be the normal pink kind or you can have colorful ones or ones that have different shapes, like the ice cream erasers in the set.

There are going to be times when a highlighter is going to be important, so its good to have one. it doesnt have to be yellow you can pick other colors to! 


-Pencil lead
You should have these if you have mechanical pencils. If your pencil runs out of lead and you dont have these then you can move on to your back up pencils.

-Pencil Sharpener
IF you have pencils that its good to have this. Teachers usually have a pencil sharpener in their room, but not all of them do. So if you have no lead for your mechanical pencils, and no sharpener then you are screwed. But you still have your pens!

Now you can have more colorful pens. gel pens, glitter pens, pink ballpoint pens, or whatever!

They might come in handy....

Im not talking about those big and fancy ones. im just talking about the simple ones that cost like a dollar or 2. 

You can get these for your pencils. it feels better gripping on to a soft grip then wood

Forgot to staple your essay last night? well no need to worry! you got your own stapler! 

-Post its
- Well i like the little tab ones that are for books. like you know those post its you put on the side of books.


There you have it! What you need for your pencil case. We are starting our back to school tips too!

PM us your requests!

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