Hey world today i am helping you wit all your packing troubles i hope you enjoy:)
1. Packing List (Clothes)
2. Packing List (Bath/Necessities)
3. Packing List (Carry On)
4. Packing List (Day Time Tote)
5. Packing List (Misc.)
6. Packing List (Hotel Goodies)
~Okay so it really depends on where you're going but in the Summer it's usually warm so this is a packing list for warm places(:
-14 tanks (day time)
-10 tanks/tees (night time/dinner)
-5 denim shorts (shorts can be worn more than once)
-5 cotton shorts
-1-2 pairs of sneakers
-Flip flops
-2 pairs of pajamas
-1 hoodie (plane)
-1-2 hoodies (night time)
-1 pair of sweatpants (plane)
-1 pair of yoga pants
-2-3 bathing suits
-4 bras
-20 underwear (ALWAYS bring more than you think you'll need! It's the one thing you DON'T want to run out of x))
-Slippers (wear around hotel)
-20 pairs of socks (another thing you wouldn't want to run out of)
~I go on vacation prepared for anything and everything so you may not need some of this.
*Note: Bring travel size for everything that way you just throw everything away on the way home (less to pack)
-Shampoo (I don't like the hotel's stuff)
-Conditioner (I don't like the hotel's stuff)
-Soap/Body Wash (I don't like the hotel's stuff)
-Loofah :D
-Face Scrub
-Make up remover
-Tanning Oil
-Body Lotion
-Hand Cream
-Pain Killer (incase of period or headaches or anything)
-Any medications you take
*-If you are going to somewhere like Disney and you may get motion sickness, be sure to buy Dramamine (non-drowsy) or those wristbands.
~Okay this can apply to a plane, car, train, etc. This should contain everything you need until you arrive at your destination.
-Large purse or tote (preferably a tote)
-Water Bottle (some airports don't allow these until you go through the detectors. You CAN buy them before you board)
-Snacks (same rule usually applies)
-Cell Phone (don't turn on on the plane until they tell you too!)
-Laptop/DVD player
-Movie for DVD player (bring 2, 1 for on the way and 1 for the way back)
-Motion sickness items IF you get motion sickness
-Wallet (always keep your money with you)
-Pads/Tampons (always keep necessities with you)
-Anything else you always keep in your purse
~I'm going to Disney so this is pretty much a must. If you are going to be walking around a lot, bring a bag so you have everything you need!
-Water bottle (at LEAST 2. Freeze one the night before so it stays cold even when it melts)
-Snacks (Disney is expensive so we're bringing snacks. 2 granola bars, a mini bag of chips, and a small baggie or cookies/crackers).
-Cell Phone
-Any medications you may need (including motion sickness stuff)
-Pads/Tampons (yes I'm paranoid about getting my period on vacation lol)
-A change of shoes (ex: if you wear sneakers to walk around in but are going to a wet area like a water ride, bring flip flops and extra socks)
-Hair ties
-Bobby pins
-Mini fan
-Any other things you keep in you purse that you use daily.
~Just a few things you may want to bring that don't really belong to any specific category.
-A few different purses
-Earrings/Necklaces for when you go to dinner
-Make-up (PLEASE keep in mind if you KNOW it's gonna be hot, don't coat your face in make up. It's gonna smear and smudge off and you WILL look like a hot mess).
-Body spray
-Aloe for sunburn
-A beach towel (the hotel may supply them but don't count on it)
~When I go to Disney this summer, we (4 friends and I) are going to need to stock up on food. You may need to also. We are only eating breakfast out once. We are buying breakfast food and snacks for luch and going out to dinner.
-Mini boxes of cereal
-Granola bars
-Bottled Water
-Vitamin Water
-Fruit roll ups/other gummies
-Orange Juice
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