Hey ladies! Here's my first actual tip for fitness! This is a list of the things you should pack in a gym bag =D
2 t-shirts~ t-shirts are hopefully a common sense item, you should have 2 of them just in case you take one home to get washed and forget to re-pack it, or just in case you happen to need it
2 pair of shorts~ this is the same as above, you never know when you may need an extra pair of shorts
2 sports bras~ same as above, its never a bad idea to have extras =)
1 tank top~ the tank top is for layering, or in the summer if it gets warm
1 sweatshirt~ for layering
1 pair of sweatpants~ also for layering
a couple pairs of socks~ you would be surprised how handy it can be having extra socks, take it from a high school senior whos seen her fair share of sockless tennis and track practices because she wore flip flops to school and forgot her freaking socks =/
shoes~ hopefully this is obvi =)
lipgloss~ this isnt necessary, but i like to have lipgloss where ever I go because i hate my lips being chapped, i always have some in my tennis bag and in my gym bag. EOS and softlips are both really good brands =)
Lotion~ also not necessary, but if you get dry skin, it might be a good idea to have some just in case
pre-wrap~ pre-wrap isn't just for wrapping your ankles and what not, you can also use it to make a headband when needed (tip to come!!)
headbands~ having a few headbands is a good idea, since they can slip off your head and get lost, but if you don't use headbands, don't worry about it
Hair ties and bobby pins (lotss of 'em!)~ i always keep PLENTY of hair ties and bobby pins in my bag, they can get lost easily, hair ties can lose their stretch, and friends might ask to borrow your hair ties (and you probably won't get them back). Stock up on these for sure
Hairbrush~ this isn't a necessity, but it might be a good idea to keep a mini-one in your bag, just in case you need it
Watter bottle~ this wouldn't be kept in the bag or locker, but taken home and brought back everyday (or everytime you happen to go to the gym). If you use plastic ones thats okay to, but a re-usable one is better for you and the environment! =D
Treat~ this could be a granola/protein bar, a banana or other fruits/veggies, just something to keep you going during the workout, granola bars are okay to leave in the bag for a while, but fresh fruits/veggies, or anything dairy or meat related should be taken out EVERY DAY, otherwise it could go bad and attract bugs to your bag, and no one wants that =/
band-aids~ this is another just in case item that is good to have around if you get a cut or something, look for a good, waterproof brand that will stay on even if you sweat. It also might be a good idea to carry around a few ibuprofen in case you get cramps, just make sure you don't get in trouble for having it!
Perfume and/or deoderant~ hopefully these are common sense, deoderant to keep you from smelling during the work out and perfume to spray on your clean clothes afterwards, that way you smell nice =)
Oil blotting sheets~ these are a good thing to have. When your face gets shiny you can just grab a few to get rid of the excess oil and avoid breakouts, just be sure to get more when your supply gets low
pedometer~ you don't need one, but if you want to keep track of your steps, it could be good to have one =)
Extra headphones~ if you bring your ipod to the gym, it might be smart to keep a small, and fairly cheap extra pair in your bag (I say cheap since you don't want to have a super exspensive pair that could get stolen
So there you go ladies, thats what i keep in my bag. You need to understand i ALWAYS want to be prepared, thats why theres so much stuff, if you don't want to bring something then don't worry about. Also if your bag is smaller, you can leave out some of the extra clothes and other unecessary items, like lotion or a hairbrush. Or, you may have more items, like if you go to the Y, you might want to bring a swimsuit for the pool, or maybe you wear ankle weights when you work out, this list is just meant to be a basic framework that you can tweak to suit your needs
Hope you guys like it, thanks for reading!!
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